Women and Transports: Sexual Harassment in Metro and Bus

Nowadays, several sexual harassment cases are coming on, and most of them usually take place in public transport and the workplace as it is the most crowded place. A lot of people travel every day by the carrier as people find it convenient. However, the safety level is almost zero in this transport, especially for women.

There are a lot of people who board the bus and metro to harass others. These incidents are rapidly increasing day by day, and it’s not just about public transport but also workplaces. We meet so many good people, but their goodness gets fade away among those with bad intentions.

Incidents Which Shows The Wrong Intensions of people around us

  • A girl was going somewhere with her mother in an e-rickshaw they didn’t notice that the guy sitting in front is a drunkard and they continued their journey the guy was continuously touching her legs when she tried to defend he passed some comments on her. Even though her mother was there, he continued to feel her legs; her mother got so scared. No rescue option was coming in her mind.

Then suddenly the girl shouted saying hey what do you want why are you doing this and told the rickshaw driver to stop and get that guy out of the rickshaw. That guy alighted the rickshaw immediately it was a sign of relief for them.

  • A girl was in the lift with some people on the green park metro station. When she came out of the elevator, she was stopped by a guy. He was asking a fro a right food place then she replied after that the guy asked her name she said why she should tell her name then he said to her that he is travelling in Delhi for 10 days, so she replied what she have to do with this and at the end of the conversation he asked her that whether she believes in one nightstand. The girl was shocked by hearing that word she immediately rushed from there.

It is hilarious how could someone ask something like that from anyone.

Sexual Harassment at The Workplace

There are so many incidents which happen in the office area, which are usually ignored. But ignoring these incidents means giving rise to another same conflict. As these kinds of people are stubborn, they need to be reported or alerted for the things they keep on doing.

Here is a video which everyone should watch to fight for heir justice and not to hide.


How to Deal With Sexual Harassment

Here are a few tips that you will find useful to deal with sexual harassment.

Don’t Internalise

Remember not to blame yourself as it was not you at fault. No matter how you were dressed and how you were sitting during the happening of that incident. So not even your posture and dress are at fault its patriarchy.

Raise your Voice

Don’t keep quiet speak for yourself and remember not to ignore these things its is about your safety. It’s not about what people think about you. Stand for yourself as no one will be standing fro it rather they will blame you for others fault.

Make Noise

The shame is not fro you, and the offence is not yours, so need not worry. Defend yourself by pointing out the guy in the public who is at fault. Shout for his mistake and feel good. Don’t scare of what people think as they can never change their mentality which s already built by society.

Be Careful

Be aware of those people who have the wrong intention. Remember to carry the protection like pepper spray, red chilly spray etc. for your safety as nothing is higher than your safety. As we cannot sit at our homes due to these hilarious that happens every day. So finding a solution for it is even far better.

The government of India put a hand in handling these cases however it hardly works as the system on which our India operate is unorganised.

We can file a report over this issue on the website of National Commission For Women. Feel safe and stress-free and always raise your voice over these issues.

Hope the article was helpful for you and will bring you some knowledge on how to deal with the creeps around you.



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