Why DPS RK Puram Students Succeeding rate is Higher ?

Hi, I completed my 11th and 12th standard from DPS RK Puram in 2012, Commerce stream. The answer is as per my experience in the school and open for debate.

The biggest reason why students of DPS RK Puram perform better in exams than students of other schools is that they have a higher probability to perform well, just by the sheer number of students each batch has.

In terms of board exam result, looking at the 12th standard result of a reputed, but not as big DPS in New Delhi:

The number of students getting 90% and above in aggregate in this school is 97, which is a great achievement until we look at the results of DPS RK Puram where 582 students achieve this feat. What is left unnoticed is that in the above mentioned school, 181 students appeared while in DPS RKP 1,005 students appeared for the same exam.

To be precise, 53.6% of the total students scored above 90% in School 1, and 57.9% students scored above 90% in DPS RKP, which is not much of a difference to say DPS RKP students perform better than other students in exams.

Now these 582 students get admission in good colleges, either through their board exam marks or entrances and people meet more of DPS RKP alums than the 97 students students who get fragmented all over the country and not project that big a name for their school just by not being a majority in their respective college, hence your question.

That being said, DPS RK Puram is one of the most sought after schools in the country and work hard to achieve these results and enjoy the reputation it has in the Indian education space, some of the reasons for which are:

  • Experienced teachers: Most of the teachers who taught me in the two years I spent in the school had been teaching for 20+ years, proficient in their subjects, had the best notes and took the pains of holding remedial classes for weak students. In the Science stream, many teachers had their coaching classes students from other schools swore by, in other words they were regarded highly all over Delhi NCR.


  • Coaching for Science/Medical: The school has tied up with IIT-Pace to provide competitive entrance exam coaching to students after school hours within the campus, thus concentrating not only on CBSE board, but IIT-JEE/AIPMT exam success of students too.


  • Admitting 300+ students after Class 10th: Also called the “cream” of different schools all over the country, students who score well in Class 10 join DPS RK Puram because of the quality of teachers, number of years the school has been operating (and doing well) for and better peers. A lot of these students are from smaller cities/towns in India who want to do well in Class 12/entrance exams and make it to a good college, which they think their existing school would be less capable to help them with, as compared to DPS RKP.

Which brings us to..

  • Hostels: DPS RK Puram attracts students from all over the country in Class 11th and 12th because of its hostel facility. Talented top performers of different cities/towns come to the school for better teachers, competition and are mostly satisfied. These students have great motivation to do well and most likely, do end up achieving and bring good name to the school.


  • Healthy competition: Enter the right peer group and you would find students exchanging coaching class modules, notes, solving questions and in the process helping each other in performing better. The competition is more than any other school because of the greater numbers and the top performing students who enter the school in Class 11, from different parts of the country. Challenge to excel keeps the student motivated and thus do well in exams.

In conclusion, although DPS RK Puram has a greater name than other well-performing schools because of the high number of students it admits in a batch, there are good practices the school follows so that one never feels lost in the crowd and perform better, if one wants to.

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