Top Three lies Told by Entrepreneurs To The World!

Entrepreneur is one who finds a major pain point in the current trends and solves it with his efficient Solutions. Later he might Monetize them in order to generate revenue.

He is a kind of risk taker. So the value he gains is directly proportional to the risk he is taking. One who believes himself can take calculated risks with the knowledge he has. With his experience, one might develop a sense of never give up attitude.

Entrepreneurship is the way an entrepreneur uses his innovative skills. He has to find a major pain point and kill it with a solid business model. The young companies which are started by these entrepreneurs are initially called start-ups.

Today’s  startups are tomorrow’s Unicorns and tomorrow’s Unicorns are the next Industry Rulers. 

In this article we mostly focus on the hard and bitter truths told by the most successful entrepreneurs. In a word, we introduce the other side of entrepreneurship.

These facts might not be found related to your vision on entrepreneurship. Because the internet will show only things i want you to see, but not the things that are useful. 

One must be hard enough to learn from the reality in life and understand the basic agenda of entrepreneurship.

With this being said, let’s talk our top lies told by the most successful entrepreneurs even though they knew that it’s not true. 

Hard Work Pays Off

Hard work is very good word to listen but it’s one of the most deadly term that you will ever listen. You will realise this after you understand the truth. There is a huge misconception between hard work and smart work.

So let’s understand the real difference between these two and analyse which one is more appropriate to be followed by us. Let’s say a person work is to carry heavy bags from one place to other place.

He will do it from morning to evening everyday and takes the same salary every month. He is working as hard as possible and the worst thing is that, he don’t have any progress in his professional life. 

This is what we call as hard work. Now, let’s take the same person who is working in same profession. After a month of joining, he understood the way his owner is doing the business.

While working there, he learned a lot about the way to start and run a similar profitable business. After a while he left his job and started his own company.

Here, inspite of challenges in his business, he will have an opportunity to improve his intelligence and earn more profits compared to the same old job he was doing before.

Now you must have understood the importance of smart work. It’s true that you have to be flexible to take up the dirty tasks but you should have a spirit of a warrior to face the challenges of any kind. 

Fake It Till you Make it

This is one of the biggest misconceptions that we have ever seen in life. It was often said and encouraged by great people of all time, but in reality this strategy won’t work for long.

Let’s analyse a situation where you have given a particular job to do a particular task. Even if you don’t have enough knowledge on that task, you have agreed to do it.

Initially everything was fine and you are performing well. But, soon a problem has started and you don’t have any knowledge on how to solve it. 

You started to learn about that problem and days are passing but still the problem is Compounding like hell. You were in a situation where everything will be collapsed if you do a mistake.

At that point, you can no longer fake your talent and eventually the whole process of solving a problem is terminated. This is waht happens if you start faking things that you don’t even know how to deal with.

Be a Hustler

In one word, Hustling is overrated. Just to be clear, if a person works for the whole day without taking any rest or short breaks, he might be awarded as a hustler, but not a winner.

If you observe a hustler who hustles for sixteen hours a day and the work he has done while Hustling, you will get shock. The productivity of a person doesn’t lies in the amount of time invested by that person. It totally depends on how good his productivity is.

The term Hustling speaks only about working sixteen hours but in reality, working for two hours with focus is better than hustling for sixteen hours and not able to produce a good product.

All that matters is how far you travel rather than how fast you ran. 

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