Top brain damaging habits to quit right now!

According to a Study, a person is average of the top five people he interacts or engages daily. They may be his friends, family, colleagues or roommates, but they definitely affect your way of thinking or performing a task. 

In this article we will focus on how to improve your habits so that it results in better productivity and performance in your tasks. We will mainly focus on some of the brain damaging habits and it’s worst effects.

This article can be a wake-up call for many people who are in dangerous situations in terms of performance. 

To understand better about how to develop a new habit, let’s refer to some facts and analyse them. Maxwell Maltz, a plastic surgeon, first introduced 21 Day Habit Theory in the 1950s. 

He introduced this theory after treating a patient. He discovered that a patient who had a treatment, say a face surgery, would need 21 days to get used to seeing their new face.

This is a simple explanation for conveying the fact that it takes more than 21 days to adapt to a particular habit.

If a person forces to adapt a habit for 22 days, then he or she is likely to adapt it as a way of living after 21 days. 

Of Course there are various cases where someone can lose the continuity on 22 day but it depends on the person. If someone truly wants to improve their way of living and continue to adapt a habit for 21 days, then he might continue it later too.

All that matters is whether the person is willing to put efforts to change his way of living or not. Now let’s understand some habits which kill one’s productivity and efficiency.

These habits are so deadly that they might take life as well. We will understand the deeper effects of these habits and see if you can improve yourself as a person.


Movies make youth feel smoking is a way of improving one’s attitude and dominance. But it’s not. Moreover it Comes under surrogate marketing, a way of advertising banned products. Smoking is the most serious problem faced by people.

People who smoke tend to become addicted to it because of the chemical reaction it releases in the brain. One finds it very very difficult to quit smoking because of this addictive game played by corporate companies for profits.

One should not smoke in his life, because if you start it, you will be dead in the next twenty years. 


People worry a lot about things which they can’t hold a pulse. If you cannot control the outcome of a certain event, you must not take stress.

Because even though you drink a thousand coffees, you cannot have any influence over the outcome that brings on to the table.

The point is, one should not take too much stress and worry about their life professionally or personally.

Instead they can focus on preparing for the worst that can happen. Once a wise man said that When compared to death, anything is Great. Read that again. 

Not Exercising Regularly

This is our favourite thing to discuss when you have a  serious problem professionally. The biggest mistake of not performing well in your job or business is that you lack an active body.

Studies show that people who exercise daily are so active at their work. It is more important to keep your body active and fit to have a perfect work day.

But most people lack the energy and time to spend their time in the gym, but are ready to watch movies on laptops. 


Multitasking might sound easy and cool but it’s not. To understand in a better way let’s imagine an elephant standing on a pencil and the pencil is pointing on a bullet proof glass.

The chances of breaking that glass by the pressure applied is more. However if the elephant is standing with four legs on the bullet proof glass, chances of breaking are comparatively lesser.

One must digest the fact that he alone cannot do everything. The productivity of a project lies more in team building rather than multitasking. 

Lack Of Sleep

Sleep is one of the ways to recharge our body and mind. It helps in creating a fresh experience in our life. But the problem with the new energetic hustlers is that they feel sleep is a complete waste of time.

One must understand that working for straight fifteen hours doesn’t mean to improve your knowledge or life in any way. Hustling is overrated and lack of sleep is a way to kill your enthusiasm rather than building it. 

These are some of the habits that are really bad and should be eliminated from your life as soon as possible. One must find the difference between what’s necessary and what’s a Luxury. 

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