Top 6 College Interview Questions You Must Prepare For

A college is a place where a student develops personality. A college interview provides college with an opportunity to give you more information about you and answer your queries. The interview gives the college a chance to learn more about you and your interests.

The interview will also give you an opportunity to learn more about the school, and help you decide whether or not it might be a good fit for you.

Below, I will provide you with each question. I then explain why colleges are asking it, what they’re looking for in a response, and how you can prepare for the question ahead of time.

Question 1: Tell Me About Yourself

Why they’re asking this: Colleges are asking you to do this because they really do want to know more about you. That’s one of the primary purposes of the interview, after all!

What they’re looking for: You need to paint a unique portrait of who you are to separate yourself from other applicants. Avoid clichés or descriptions that would be too common. 

How to prepare: Rehearse answering this question. Try talking about your passions, hobbies, and interests. You can discuss what inspires you or what your friends like about you. 

Question 2: Why Are You Interested In This College?

Why they’re asking this: This is an important question and one you should definitely prepare for, since colleges want to see that you’re taking the application process seriously and have a legitimate interest in attending the school.

What they’re looking for: Talk about your interest in a major or academic program, the cultural values of the school, or extracurricular activities that drew you to the college. Again, be thorough and specific. 

How to prepare: To answer this question well, you’ll need to conduct extensive college research before the interview. 

Question 3: Why Do You Want to Major in _____?

Why they’re asking this: Colleges are interested in your academic goals and want to see that you’re academically inclined.

What they’re looking for: Talk about why a certain subject inspires you or why you’re passionate about it. Don’t say that you’re pursuing a certain major to make a lot of money or have job security. 

How to prepare: Think deeply about why you want to pursue a specific major. Why do you find it fascinating? What experiences provoked your interest in the subject?  

Question 4: What Are Your Academic Strengths?

Why they’re asking this: In an effort to get to know you as a student, colleges are interested in getting your perspective on where you excel academically.

What they’re looking for: Don’t make this answer too short. Don’t just say, “I’m good at science.” When discussing your academic strengths, explain how you’ve capitalized on your strengths. 

How to prepare: Make sure you know your academic strengths. You should be able to explain how you recognize your strengths, how you’re currently using them, and how you plan to use them in the future.

Question 5: What Are Your Academic Weaknesses? How Have You Addressed Them?

Why they’re asking this: Colleges want to admit good students, but they’re aware everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Colleges want to see that you have the persistence and work ethic to succeed despite your challenges.

What they’re looking for: Schools want students who can demonstrate their ability to confront and overcome challenges. Try revealing strategies or specific approaches you’ve taken to improve your academic weaknesses. 

How to prepare: Be aware of your academic weaknesses and how you’ve addressed them. It’s not good to say that you don’t have any weaknesses. 

Question 6: What Do You Expect to Be Doing 10 Years From Now?

Why they’re asking this: Just to set the record straight, you don’t need to have your entire future figured out. Colleges understand that you probably won’t have everything decided and your plans are likely to change. 

What they’re looking for: Colleges want students who are motivated to achieve their goals. The bad, general answer is to only say you expect to have a fulfilling career and be making a positive impact on the world. What are some specific activities you’d like to do? How do you plan on impacting the world? You don’t have to limit your plans to professional goals. 

How to prepare: You can write down some detailed notes answering this question. Paint a picture of the life you want to have in 10 years. That picture should reveal your uniqueness.


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