The Dark Side of Internet

The Dark Side of Internet

Nowadays internet is the primary source to access anything it is of most significant benefit to us from shopping online to paying the bill not only this but in every organisation whether small or substantial use of the internet is used at a rapid speed.

People also that we can’t live without the internet not even for half an hour. But it has so many side effects which we are unaware of.

Before coming to the side effects of the web network, we need to know some key points which we are unaware of.


Have you ever heard of Tor? Tor is the software created by the Tor project for online privacy that allows users to access the internet unidentified.

The Dark web and Deep web use Tor to access a hidden website that only hacker is aware of and can be only accessed when the unidentified service like tor is used.

Side Effects of Web

All the illegal activities on the internet occur on the Dark Web or Deep Web.

Breakdown of communication

The rapidly expanding use of the internet has changed our way of talking. Instead of communicating and interacting with people, we spend most of our time over the mobile phones using the internet. We frequently employ the impersonal forms of communication like texting or emailing. There is nothing wrong with this application, but it lacks the emotion and voice inflexion. And continuously frustrates and confuses people.

Need for Gratification

We are all thankful for the increased technology and how they help us in connecting with people around the world. And on the other hand, we need to worry because of our increasing need for instant satisfaction. We want Others to reply to our text immediately as we start chatting, isn’t it weird?

Lack of Focus

The Social media application such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram Has created an obsession of sharing our life with the people. Many people are unable to enjoy the moments as they are busy capturing those moments in their phone so that they could upload it on social media. The constant squint to enter into other people life has created a feeling of jealousy, Judgment and neglect.

Effect on Youth

Addiction to the internet is continuously affecting young people from sleep deprive to poor grades. Children who are not restricted from accessing the internet grab harmful information. On the other hand, cyberbullying is a serious issue as it leaves a lasting mental and emotional effect. As well as internet predator should be a significant concern.

How to Create a Healthy Balance

Here are some ways in which you can create a healthy balance between you and the technology.

  • Set time of usage and restriction
  • Keep a specific time for replying to a text or email; instead, it is essential.
  • Move out of sight of your cell phone to avoid distraction
  • Have a dialogue with your younger ones telling them about the usage and disadvantages of internet
  • Setting a few boundaries for your self and your familiar ones can also be an aid to the growing need of a wed network.

Hoping the solution mentioned above will be helpful for you to create a good relationship with the internet. If you have some tips, then do share in the comment section below.