Study Hacks That Will Improve Your Memory

Study Hacks That Will Improve your memory

Studies are always considered hard, But it is not the end of the topic we need to do a lot of research work to find some ways which make our studies easier and fun.

So need to worry over it there are plenty of ways in which you can turn your boring studies into fun.

Here are some fantastic study hacks that you will find helpful.

Teach Others

If you want to know Whatever you have learned is still captured in your mind or not, then you should try teaching it to others.IT always helps in knowing about how durable is your grasping power.

Read Out loud

Facts state that you 50% more likely to remember something When you speak out loud rather than merely reading it over and over. It is a crazy fact but believes me it is always helpful.

Chew Gum

Chewing Gum act as a brain booster and it doesn’t have any side effect, so grabbing you favourite flavour act as the best study aid.

Make Connections

Making a connection is not only helpful in easying the study, but it is a signal of creativity and intelligence brain. Try to create a mind map as it connects ideas.

Study Apps

We all are in the world full of study apps thanks to the rapidly expanding technology. These apps are merely helpful whenever we stuck somewhere between studies. As we are all aware of it, then do download it on your mobile phones or PC.

Bop your Notes

Give your notes more colour and clarity to help you remember all the essential details. It could be an aid to your memory recall. This concept is a further extension of mind mapping and is much more effective in learning.

Good Sleep A Day Before an Exam

Take proper sleep at night before an exam as disturbing your sleep is a primary Hindarance tool in your studies. As it can Distub your brain a whatever you have studied fades away. So remember not to do anything; like that.

Mnemonic Device

Mnemonic Device acts as the best memory aid, and you have even used so many mnemonic devices in your lower classes to remember something for a longer time. Like My Very Educated Mother Just Show Us Nine Planets and many more. Ther are many ways in which you can create your mnemonic rhymes, and no one can stop you.

You can easily remember concepts, sequence, and whatever you need to learn by creating your Rhymes. Come up with something you can remember and stick to it.

Group Study

Group Study can help you gain more knowledge and enhance your learning power. It helps you share ideas, resources and interact with people who have something you don’t have.

Table Lamp

Whenever you study try to use a table lamp so that you could focus on your notes studying in the big lights distracts you toward other things in the room so try to avoid it for better results and Enhanced concentration.

Eat Well

Yes, Eating weel is also a study hack as eating nutritious food maintains body balance and enhance your focus. As your brain needs good food to function correctly so stick to proper and hygienic diet much as you can, and the doctors recommend even this.

There are so many ways which can make your studies easier; you need to find them even you can make you. If you have such fantastic study hacks, then do share in the comment section below.