snapchat a Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Snapchat A Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Nowadays, social media application such as snap chat, Instagram has become overrated and quite essential to us. The negative impact of social media applications such as Instagram and snapped chat on users related to plastic surgery.


Many surgeons said that people have gone crazy about these applications, and want the same look by plastic surgery.

The recent studies have shown that these applications keep on lingering on people minds.

On an interview with the various surgeon revealed, the users of this application are suffering From Body Dysmorphic Disorder(BDD).

The term BDD means  a person is preoccupied with a slight defect on their Physical appearance,
The symptoms are checking on the mirror constantly and reassurance seeking, among others.

The patient asked for the plastic surgery precisely according to the filter on snap chat, the doctor refused to do so and offered the patient with some counselling sessions, and he eventually took it and felt better after that session.

Solution To Body Dysmorphic Disorder

The doctors suggested it could be one of the cures the Body Dysmorphic Disorder. Maybe this helps out others.
These cases have not taken place in India yet, but they are continually increasing at a higher rate in outside countries.
Recent reports have shown that one in 50 Americans are suffering from this disease.

The outcome could be that the proper code of ethics among plastic surgeons should be respected as well as early detection of mentioned symptoms in any patient might provide with the free counselling sessions and any other help they want.