Science Suffers a Collateral Damage Tension Rises

Science Suffers a collateral Damage;Tension Rises

Science is the primary way to evaluate research works and innovation, which leads to an increase in the economic development and growth of India. But nowadays it is going through some collateral damage.

The United States and other countries like China, Japan, Russia are making it possible through investment which is helping in successful research work though it’s leading to collateral damage as a result of delayed VISA process by US Institutions.


2. This initiative offers high pay to the Chinese and non-chess board for the superior technology

3. China is still dependent on the US for technology transfers and training.

4. The rising number of visa denials have prompted a warning from China’s education ministry that students and academics could have their study or research plans foiled by refusals or delays.

5. One in eight Chinese applicants is seeking US visas for academic or research purposes between January and March this year.

6. Star quantum physicist Pan Jianwei was unable to attend a meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.“I waited for four months before I got a visa in March,” Pan told AFP. When it finally arrived, the award ceremony had long.

A State Department official said she could not discuss specific visa cases due to US privacy laws.

7. “Possibly some people awarded the Thousand Talents might not be able to apply for grants in the US in future due to fears of leaking intellectual property,” Byrnes said.

“But the current atmosphere of suspicion for science and technology through which research work is put on for innovations of new techniques.