What Plans should be implemented for improving girls’ education?

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What comes first to your mind when thinking about girls’ education? there may be good chances that you remember a particular girl you met who could not go to primary school.

Or perhaps you will imagine one of that great picture of smiling and studios girl attending class in a primary school in a developing country.

for young girls and women, to acquire their skills. The following plans should be executed which would help in developing girls’ education.

Proper education:

there are many schools established by the government in rural as well as in urban areas. But as India has the highest population the schools established are not enough. The government should execute a maximum number of schools so that the government could meet the requirement of the new generation. every school should be at a central location so that children living in the particular area may have the convenience to reach there easily.

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proper management:

Recently government is providing school uniforms, textbooks, and some other necessary things related to study to the students in many places. Government scholarships are increasing the interest of a lot of students for higher studies. The government is arranging various study courses and vocational training absolutely free. But this proximity is not reaching to those who need it more. There should be proper management system which would help in improving girls’ education.

Proper use of fund:

The government should aim at better utilization of fund so that they can create well according to the need. many government organization uses education funds to fulfill their needs which should not be the motive.Using funds in girls’ education can come to an excellent outcome

Improved study classrooms:

As far as technology is increasing day by day government should plan for technical classrooms containing a channelized system. Like smart class program should be there in every classroom so that the upcoming generation grow with the new curiosity and creative skills. Planning education on the new way could result in economic development of the country.

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