Pink Tax: Because it costs more to be a female customer

From the early childhood, this statement that “You are a girl and pink must be your favourite colour”  is what we come across.  But what that colour has to do with tax. Well, the pink tax is that tax which a female customer has to pay for the products they buy.

Most of us are unaware of this term as the pink tax is that extra amount a woman pay on the products she buys. after a series of research, it has been found that women pay 42% time more than the male community.

Why female customer pay more, why this pink tax?

This is basically because of gender discrimination. Many people think that kinds of stuff for women requires extra labour and time. Products women need are generally considered a luxury. The same brand that makes the product for men and women charges tax at unequal rates. Women customers are generally charged with more interest whereas the tax rates for men customers is lesser.

What are the products that include pink tax?


There is a list of products where women pay more.  Products like a pink scooter may cost more than a red scooter because it costs more to add pink colour than red. Then there are services like haircuts or dry cleaning. Oftentimes, women’s haircuts cost more than men’s. Similarly, Salons and beauty parlours say that, because women’s haircuts require more time and are labour-intensive than men’s, therefore they need to charge haircuts for women higher than for men. Same goes for activities like dry cleaning, men’s clothing seems to be more uniform, women’s clothing has much variabilities which makes it harder to clean. Women’s clothes are considered often as smaller and more tapered, which means they can’t be pressed directly by pressing machines at the dry cleaners.

Avoid Pink Tax


On a general note, if you want to save money being a female customer then start buying products that are not gender orientated. Buy clothes that don’t require dry cleaning. Buy reusable products. Pink Tax is a way how companies are making extra money on the basis of gender discrimination. So, we need to stop paying it to boycott this pink tax.

Hope this article will make you think about this problem. In case you want to add on something to this article please comment in the comment section below 🙂