No Fees to be paid on CBSE Registration: Arvind Kejriwal

No Fees to be paid on CBSE Registration: Arvind Kejriwal

The Chief Minister of Delhi Mr Arvind Kejriwal, knocked down a feather with an announcement. Mr. chief minister took another decision for the education sector by taking the responsibility for paying the registration fee of class X and XII. As stated by him, “ It is a small step to downscale the burden of parents unable to afford the payments.

All the government, government-aided schools and patrachar Vidyalaya were instructed by circular that “Without any further modification in this step, No registration fee from the students can be charged.

Further, the Deputy Chief Minister and Education Minister Manish Sisodiya tweeted for the same. Tweet demonstrated that the Delhi government would pay the CBSE Class X and XII fee. Schools are instructed not to take any amount from the students.

Some of the sources revealed that the Board had increased the fees, twice the previous year. The Board responded as the cost incremented after five years. They also depicted that the charges are still lesser when compared to other Boards.

As its a hard nut to crack for “Aam Janta” to afford the expense, concession in fee hike may yield better responses.

Changes Made in the Fee  Structure

Category           previous             Current   


Class X               375                    1200

Class XII            750                      1500


Class X            600                      1200

Class XII          750                       1500

Kind words said by Arvind Kejriwal  over the Education of students in Delhi: