Nitesh Yadav – Youngest App/Website Developer from Rajasthan

Nitesh Yadav is an Indian Web Developer and Entrepreneur. He has made many android apps and websites with several technical manuals and given countless lectures, workshops, and seminars throughout his 15-year-old age career.

The journey started when 13-year-old Nitesh got his first laptop when he topped his 8th class. He started experimenting and googling things on it and learned a lot about basics of computer hardware and android apps. Due to which he even scored very fewer marks in Class 9th examination. But he paused doing all these things for about a year and scored a fruitful 92.83% in class 10th from a Government school in Class 10th.

While studying in Class 9th, he got curious about ethical hacking, cyber security, android apps development and web development. He was so enthralled in this field that he decided to train the village boys in the field of Web Development so that his village children could break the barrier and go digital.

As his aim is so big and wants to make everyone digital, started his own Venture Flying Wings Private Limted which is a Software Company that provides the better way of software development.

He has made nearly about 10 Android Apps at the age of 14.

In this digital era, Nitesh is writing a new definition and story in the field of Information and Technology. He made a live example that if you are determined to something, you can definitely achieve it.

We reached out to Nitesh Yadav and asked some questions about his journey of coding. Have a look.

Q&A with Nitesh Yadav

Q – When did you got your first computer?

A–  I got my first laptop in my 8th class, when I got 1st position in my class. My father gifted me a laptop as a reward.

Q – How and when did you started programming?

A –  At first, I always used the laptop for playing games and listening music. Then I realised that it would not help me to do something unique. At that time, I heard about an android developer and about his apps which motivated me to build apps for the reformism of our society. As I am from a village background, it was not easy to learn coding as my father is a farmer and he could not afford me to send to a coaching to learn coding. I started googling things and Google taught me everything and I started coding in my 10th class.

Q – Which school do you study?

A – I was in Government Senior Secondary School, Kanharka until my 10th class and passed out from there with 92.83% of marks. Later on, I joined Dronacharya Senior Secondary School, Bibrani and currently, I am studying here.

Q – When did you published your first app?

A – I have published my first app on Google Play Store on 10th August at my Gram Panchayat Kanharka to connect it with the Digital India Campaign. It contains the whole details of my village in the Digital form. You can find the app here.

Q – When did you make your first website?

A – I started working on websites a little bit late. At first, I was fully focused on Android Apps. But later on I felt a need for my own website and hence I launched my first website in my 10th class vacations, which is my official website –

Q – How did you started coding?

A – I have started coding just by learning online from Google and Google taught me everything about the programming and now I can proudly say – “Every Person can learn everything from Internet, If he have the will to learn”. I always follow this rule and now the result is in front of your. Along with the Google, Khan Academy also helped me a lot.

Q – Do you want to have a job or pursue entrepreneurship?

A – I have got many offers for job from many tech companies and startups  but I have denied all of them because I have my own startup named Techsicon, The Software Development Company and now I have to boost my startup and one more thing – “My Job is to give Job to others” and I will always follow this rule in my life because my motive is to end the unemployment in my country.

Q – How did you manage to code along with studies?

A – I am a student by days and coder by night. In the daytime, I go to school for studies and then at the night, I work on my programming projects. So it’s a little but difficult for me to manage the studies and the coding but as of now, I am easily handling it.

Q – What are the top resources that you have used for coding app and website development?

A – I have used following resources for coding app and websites

  • PC
  • Google
  • A Mug of Coffee
  • Determination

Q – What are your future plans?

A – Now I am working for my startup, Techsicon. It is a software development company which will promote any business as a brand to the Global level by the Tech Services and also I am working for an NGO as well, which train Indian students about Web Development and other technical stuff. Even, I am also taking regular Skype classes to teach the students about web development. Along with that, I am working on an AI Bot from which people can study while using facebook.

Q – What are your suggestions to students out there who want to pursue something in life?

A – I just only want to say to all my friends that friends never Give up and keep your hard work going on and achieve your Goal and I suggest you not to study hard but instead study smart because you will need smartness in your every point of your life. So keep going on buddies and choose your field and follow the Law of attraction and then you will definitely achieve success.

With no family background in Computers or Business, Nitesh journey from a middle-class child to a successful young professional is extraordinary and Inspirational. We wish all the best to Nitesh for his journey and encourages him to achieve more extraordinary achievements throughout his life.

If you want to ask some questions from Nitesh, you can comment down below.

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