Life – An on going odyssey

All the way down to memory lane once again. Doesn’t matter how much you want to efface your
memories, it will haunt you like a ghost. The heart doesn’t accept any logics or conclusions. It has it’s
own sayings. That one such story that lead my life upside down.  I  thought maths was the toughest thing that I  will have to face..but  when I  turned 18 life happened…

Though the games of yesterday were forever gone but I pantomime with a bloody smile on…
Iteration piled up high and the way down, illogical conclusions in logical delusions…
He was not my boyfriend but I loved his kindness, his smile and when we both laughed together I think I
fell in love with his friendship.  Though I tried to deny this fact but you were the only one on mind at the
end of the day. Yes I was a prisoner. And no matter how much I tried to escape, the wall of his memories
was too high, the lock was the color of his eyes, so instead of running away, I just kept staring at it.
I was ready to wait for you if that means that someday I’ll be by your side.
But darling you ended up sucking out a little of both.
A little of both.

You and i.

Though I decided that I won’t laugh again but friends were troublesome in my own plans.
I realized that I don’t deserve to live everyday waiting for you. Though I will not forget all the amazing
memories we had together but I will move on. Maybe not today, maybe not even this week or month. But
sometime I just going to move on and you are going to be just a chapter in the book of my life.
True that is that everyone has got a story. All we need a hand to hold, an ear to listen and a heart to
understand… 🙂