Lets Shun The Bad Company

As students we have learnt that honesty is the best policy. but the ironical part is that it is very rarely practiced.
Almost every single page of the newspaper is filled with crime related articles such as murder, kidnapping, drug peddling and many more.

But what is it that we do about it. Don’t we just flip the pages??
If you will carefully read these news items, we will realise that roughly about every tried misdeeds out of 10 have been committed by the teenagers.

Have we ever tried to find out a reason?
The perception is that this is the result of the bad company or in need to impress the peers. However i personally think that this is not the case. I believe that the main reasons are poverty, greed, comparison, lack of quality in between parents and children and extinction of the joint family system.

Those having small car wish for a bigger one , probably because their friends has one .Also most of the time, we are so strongly driven by our desires that we do not realise when we cross our limit and enter the zone of committing the misdeeds, starting with petty ones.

On the other hand, as most families have both the parents working and struggling to make the ends meet, they are unable to spend enough time with their children. They dont have the time to install values or read out bed time stories to their children, which is very important part of growing up.As the children are left
on their own and as their pleasure.This is the time when they are in a tender and in impressionable age.
They tend to go astray and end up in the wrong company.Sometimes they are also bullied and find no place to vent out their feelings.

Gradually, without even realising the children take the wrong path. It is only when things grow out of the proportion that parents come to know the truth. This is the time when we realise the importance of living with grandparents and other members of the family. It is true that not all can live in joint families, but at the same time the parents need to find out solutions instead of repenting later.
As a child i feel that parents and children should spend the weekends together rather than children being with friends or on the web ,and the parents catching up on sleep or television.Also,instead of scolding the children for their mistakes,would not it be better if the parents would explain them why something they do not agree what is wrong?

They can do this by telling their own childhood stories & what difference it made to them.This way, i am sure that not only will we be able to bring down the crime rate, but also help ourselves save our families & teens.

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Ruchi Shandilya
Ruchi is the passionate about writing for students. She is 12th pass student and pursuing her further education.


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