Last 38 Years IIT JEE Toppers

We are here with the list of the last  35 years IIT JEE Toppers.  What they are doing ? Where are they Now ? Where is Arpit Agarwal? Who is Nitin Jain. Who were those who topped the IIT-JEE in Early Days?Let’s Know it.

1979 – IIT JEE AIR 1 – Joy Thomas 

  • Electrical Engineering/IIT Madras
  • Ph.D/Stanford Electrical Engineering
  • Now Chief Scientist at Apigee
  • Chief Scientist and Founder of InsightsOne


1980 – IIT JEE AIR 1 – Pandurang Nayak


1981 – IIT JEE AIR 1 –  Sanjiva Prasad


Prof. Sanjeev struggling with dog in IITD lecture theater


1982 – IIT JEE AIR 1 – Sunil Arya

  • Computer Science/IIT Kanpur
  • Ph.D in CS from Univ of Maryland
  • Now Faculty at Hong Kong Univ. in CSE


1983 – IIT JEE AIR 1 – R.S. Sundaresh

  • Computer Science/IIT Madras
  • Ph.D in CS from Yale


1984 – IIT JEE AIR 1 – Navin Budhiraja

1985 – IIT JEE AIR 1 – Vineet Gupta


1986 – IIT JEE AIR 1 – Sanjeev Arora


  • Computer Science/IIT Kanpur
  • Transferred after two years to MIT, Mathematics,
  • Computer Science/Ph.D from UC Berkeley
  • Now faculty at Princeton CS
  • Sanjeev Arora


1987 – IIT JEE AIR 1 – Rajesh Gopakumar

  • Physics/IIT Kanpur
  • Now faculty at Harish-Chandra Research Institute, Allahabad


1988 – IIT JEE AIR 1 – A. Raghava Chari

  • Now Executive Vice President at Dr.Reddy Labs Ltd.


1989 – IIT JEE AIR 1 – Vineet Buch


  • IIT KANPUR – B.Tech Computer Science
  • He did his M.S.  in Computer Science from Cornell University From September 1993 to December 1995.


  • He Worked in as Chief Product officer from July 2009 to August 2010.

He is Currently Director of Product Management at Google when is acquired by Google


1990 – IIT JEE AIR 1 – Ashish Goel

  • Computer Science/IIT Kanpur
  • Now faculty at Stanford MS&E


1991 – IIT JEE AIR 1 – Rina Panigrahy

1992 – IIT JEE AIR 1 –Anil Kumar Ruia

  • Computer Science/IIT Bombay
  • Princeton University
  • Rutgers University

1993 – IIT JEE AIR 1 – Prasoon Kumar

  • Computer Science/IIT Kanpur.
  • Now Consulting Engineer at MongoDB

1994 – IIT JEE AIR 1 – Munagala V. Kameshwar

  • Computer Science/IIT Bombay
  • Stanford
  • Now Faculty at Duke University.

1995 – IIT JEE AIR 1 – Subhash Khot

  • Computer Science/IIT Bombay
  • Princeton (PhD under Sanjeev Arora).
  • Now faculty at NYU.

1996 – IIT JEE AIR 1 – Prasanna Ganesan

  • Computer Science/IIT Madras
  • Stanford
  • Now CTO at Klip Inc


1997 – IIT JEE AIR 1 – Arvind Saraf

  • Computer Science/IIT Kanpur
  • MIT
  • Now involved in social service in India, with Swasth Foundation as a Trustee


1998 – IIT JEE AIR 1 – Abhinav Kumar

  • Now MIT Maths faculty


1999 – IIT JEE AIR 1 – Vineet Goel

  • Computer Science/IIT Delhi.
  • Now faculty at Columbia University

2000 – IIT JEE AIR 1 – Nitin Gupta

Nitin joined IIT Kanpur in July 2014 as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences and Bio-engineering.

He graduated from the Department of CSE, IIT Kanpur and eventually went on to study biology at University of California, San Diego.

He plans to set up a cognitive neuroscience lab here at IITK. He is an inspiration to many who want to contribute back to the educational system in India.

2001 – IIT JEE AIR 1 – Arvind Thiagarajan

  • After completing his graduation from IIT Madras in Computer Science, Arvind went to MIT for his PhD.
  • He has written numerous research papers in the area of mobile computing. During his PhD.
  • He interned with Yahoo and Google which are the best companies in Silicon Valley for any computer science researcher.
  • With 42 patents to his credit, he founded a company in 2011 in mobile computing.
  • He is currently working with Amazon as a research scientist.


2002 – IIT JEE AIR 1 – Dungara Choudhary

Dungara, who is currently in San Francisco, joined IIT Kanpur in Computer Science with a thesis in distributed parallel architecture.

He did an internship at Honeywell and upon graduating joined AirTight Networks where he quickly rose to become a Team Lead in a brief span.

He is currently working in Oracle as a Principal Member of Technical Staff.


2003 – IIT JEE AIR 1 – Shashank Dwivedi

Shashank is from Bhilai and has been a role model for IIT JEE aspirants from the city, which has since then produced number of top rankers.

He completed his B.Tech in computer science from IIT Bombay and has completed his masters from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


2004 – IIT JEE AIR 1 – Sushant Sachdeva

Sushant is currently a Postdoctoral Associate at the Department of Computer Science at Yale University.

Prior to joining Yale, Sushant graduated from Princeton University in 2013.

He has done multiple research internships at Toyota, Microsoft and ETH Zurich. He has published numerous research papers in prestigious conferences throughout the world.

He has competed his B.Tech from IIT Bombay and his research interest lies in algorithms.


2005 – IIT JEE AIR 1 – Piyush Srivastava

Piyush is currently a Postdoctoral Scholar at Caltech. Prior to joining Caltech, he did his post graduation from UC Berkeley.

He has had 3 stints as a research intern at Microsoft in 2009, 2011 and 2013. He is a graduate of computer science from IIT Kanpur and is currently working in theoretical computer science.

Details Told after Result in 2005
No of hour’s studies every day: 6 to 8 hours
Other achievements: Olympiad winner, Aditya Birla scholar
Aim in life: Wants to be a researcher in field of computer science

2006 – IIT JEE AIR 1 – Raghu Mahajan

As per his Linked in account he is presently doing PhD in Theoretical Physics.

Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi
Computer Science, 10.0/10.0
2006 – 2008

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Mathematics, 5.0/5.0
2008 – 2011

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Physics, 5.0/5.0
2008 – 2011

Details Told by him after Result in 2006:
AIEEE Rank : 1
No of hour’s studies every day: 7 to 8 hours
Other achievements: Olympiad winner, Aditya Birla scholar
Hobbies: watching cricket, computers, net surfing for educational purpose
Aim in life: Wants to be a physics researcher
Shocking fact about Raghu Mahajan: he completed his class 12th syllabus in 10th itself

For More About him Click above on his name

2007 – IIT JEE AIR 1 – Achin Bansal

IIT BOMBAY – Computer Science –  CGPA : 8.97/10.0
He Is currently working in Morgan Stanley in residing in Bombay

AIEEE Rank 47

Details Told by him After result in 2007
No of hour’s studies every day: 10 hours everyday
Other achievements: toppers in 10th board exams, Aditya Birla scholar
Aim in life: Wants to be a computer engineer but also wants to try for civil services.


2008 – IIT JEE AIR 1 – Shitikanth

Born at Patna, Bihar and presently residing at Waterloo, Ontario, Shitikant is working for Laboratoire d’Informatique Algorithmique Fondements et Applications as Research Assistant

Details Told by him After result in 2008:
CBSE Class 12th % : 91.4%
No of hour’s studies every day: 6 to 7 hours
Other achievements: Olympiad gold medalist, Aditya Birla scholar
Hobbies: computers
Aim in life: Research in physics

2009 – IIT JEE AIR 1 – Nitin Jain

He has not only topped IIT JEE but also got Rank 1 in AIEEE 2009 . As per his Facebook profile, he is presently residing at Dublin, Ireland. He did his internship from Zomato

Ntin Jain won Gold Medals and first position thrice at the International Olympiad on Astronomy and Astro Physics (IOAA) in Indonesia (2008) and in Iran (2009) and Physics Olympiad (IPhO) in Mexico (2009), all in a span of two years.

He wrote his success story in the Book:
The Secret of My Success Book

He Currently Lives in San Francisco

His Social Profiles Are:
Nitin Jain | Facebook
Nitin Jain – Google Profile (Not Sure About It)
Nitin Jain (@ntn) | Twitter

His Website:

Nitin Jain is now a SWE at Twitter in Ireland.

2010 – IIT JEE AIR 1 – Anumula Jithendar Reddy

As per his LinkedIn profile, he has completed his internship from QEA Eduventures.

Chat with  IIT-JEE topper-Anumula Jithendar Reddy
Meet the IIT JEE topper Jithendar Reddy (Video)

2011 – IIT JEE AIR 1 – Immadi Prudhvi Tej

He not only topped IIT JEE in 2011, but was also 7th rank holder in AIEEE, presently staying at Hyderabad.

2012 – IIT JEE AIR 1 – Arpit Aggarwal

He took his Coaching From FIITJEE South Delhi Center while he was residing in Faridabad  and the Highest Scorer ever in IIT JEE Examination with a score of 385/401 .

He Wrote About his Journey to IIT in his Book My Encounter With IIT JEE: The story of preparation Book

Working with Google India after scoring rank 122 in the Google APAC.

IIT JEE 2012 topper Arpit Aggarwal’s key to success is time management



2013 – JEE Advanced AIR 1 – Pallerla Saisandeep Reddy

The topper of the year 2013 is willing to join Robotics post completing the B.Tech and currently Studying in College.


2014 – JEE Advanced AIR 1 –  Chitrang Murdia

Topping the JEE this year, Chitrang wishes to get into research in the field of electronics or computer science. He feels to have an inclination for research and would prefer it over a corporate job, let us hope best for him!

2015 – JEE Advanced AIR 1 – Satwat Jagwani

2016 – JEE Advanced AIR 1 – Aman Bansal


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