Job Oriented Courses After Graduation

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Currently, with the heavy competition prevailing both in the educational institutes and in the job market, many youngsters fail to pursue their career and this may either be due to their financial restraint to attend college or failure to get selected in the interview. Well, these students need not worry because there are innumerable options for job oriented courses which will help them to reach their goal and find a job with ease in the future.

As most of the students prefer for job oriented courses after graduation and with the increasing interest of students, many educational institutions have come up with several options for students to finish their studies and secure a job as early as possible.

CBSE – The Central Board of Secondary Education has introduced new career-oriented courses to train the students and make them professionals. By introducing these courses, they train students to get ready for jobs from the early stages of their life.

This career-oriented course will help a student to identify their task, provides special training and knowledge which is required for their career to pursue. This course will also help a student to focus on their career and to reach their goal. This course is mainly introduced for the student’s progress as it will guide the students to identify their unique interests, values, and the skills.

A career-oriented course can be completed in a short period of time along with completion certificates from the recognized university. There are many courses available for students after completing their class 12 or graduation.

For example, if a student has the dream of becoming a fashion designer, he/she can join a course in fashion designing and can become a self-entrepreneur.

Listed below are few courses which are in high demand:

  1. Informatics
  2. Automobiles
  3. Interior Decorations
  4. PGDM (Post Graduation Diploma in management)
  5. Diploma in handicraft and modern garments
  6. Diploma in food and beverage service management
  7. Beautician and Spa Management
  8. Information Technologies
  9. Animation Design
  10. Event Management

Many students who cannot get through competitive exams like JEE, NEET, etc. and also others who want to become a self-entrepreneur in a very short period, can choose a job oriented course. In this course, the students are particularly trained with the present marketing skills and are placed with good salary packages.

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