JEE MAINS EXAM 2017: Four Common Mistake You Should Avoid.

While sawing a log of wood, being equipped with razor sharp blade is not an absolute guarantee for success. Here it is essential to implement the right method and guidelines that can be a feature for you to cracking a competitive exam.

In order to give your best ahead, you need to implement the right technique. Opting wrong methods at the last moments can dampen your progress and it will accumulate stress and affect your overall performance.

Below are the most common mistakes that students must avoid during JEE Main preparations:







i) Students often make their preparations synonymous to studying with a combination of reference books and study material.

ii) In reality, more than 70% of the questions are either from the NCERT or from their extend version of learning.

iii) Students should stick to NCERT course books and ahead towards reference books only upon its completion. Also, about 40% of the Class XI syllabus constitutes a part in JEE exam.


i) It has been observed that students prefer method-based access rather than applying a conceptual understanding on the questions.

ii) But it can become quite determinant for students because many times or,  even with being mounted on similar lines, a slightly off-patterned question becomes difficult to understand.

iii) Therefore, it is always important to apply concepts in each and every topic that you practice.


i) Doubting oneself is the biggest fault that students make during the preparation.

ii) Giving space to doubts directly increases hesitation and leads to lack of confidence. Trust yourself and your abilities and develop a positive mindset towards your goal.

ii) For students who are not able to deal with this problem must set long-term goals. However, this activity should not be done during the last 15 days before the examination.


i) MCQ questions are often wrapped in a fishy manner. You should read and understand the questions properly until you properly understand the question before attempting them.

ii ) As these questions also involve incorrect answers, failing to do so will result in negative marking for a question that you could have easily solved.


i) After performing well in mock test and practice papers, students become overconfident to the certain level. This lead to careless mistakes and wasting plentiful of time in rechecking calculations.

ii ) Do not lose your focus while solving a question in the first place. This will help you to ensure that the solution is correct at each and every step.Follow the strategy that makes you feel more confident about the correctness of your answer.

iii) During an examination, students tend to avoid long questions in fear of losing essential time.As a result of which they up losing their marks.It is believed that long text questions are easier to solve.So, do not ignore or miss them.

iv) Last but not the least don’t judge yourself on the basis of your pre-boards and all that mock test that you give before your main exam because it demotivates you.

Hope all the above tips help you to score better in your Jee Exam. You can also follow the same guidelines for Your Better Boards result.