Is India Changing

Is India Changing?

Is India changing? The question that lingers in everyone’s mind. Many people Have found their answer, but some still stick to the item which has no clue.

I can’t say that India has changed, but in some of the aspects, it has changed. And some issues still need change.

I want to share an incident which will help prove my point of view or may be helpful for some people to find their answers.

Incident of A Girl

There was a girl who stays at the outskirts of Hyderabad, and she has to travel along to attend her classes, so she uses to attend her classes on the weekends till 8:00 PM. Once it was raining heavily and her vehicle broke down.

She dragged her vehicle to the mechanic shop, but there was no mechanic at the shop, so she has to wait, and when he came she told him about the issue then the shopkeeper told her it would take one hour to get the fix, and it was already 10:30

In the end, the vehicle could not fix, so she left her car at the shop and struggling for a cab, but after so many attempts, she was able to book the taxi. And reached her room at 11:45.

It was a hilarious day for her  But after some days she came across “112 India app” it is an emergency service app same as “911 United States app”.

She was exploring the app, and a popup was there on her phone, whether she is safe or not.

Then her phone started ringing she answered the call a man was talking from the police control room asking whether she is having any problem or she is in trouble.

She replied I am Alright and the call was accidental sorry for the inconvenience.

And then she got a call again, and now it was another man from the police control The man told her to put the app in a folder and an emergency notification to 5 zones, and he will communicate the message in the 5 zones.

The immediate response from the police control was beyond her expectations.

So yes, India is changing there is no doubt.