Is B.Tech Degree Overrated?

Nowadays, we come across many people who want to chase the B.Tech degree and want some want to pursue their career in this field. But people often say that everyone is towards only one degree terming it as an overrated degree.

People hardly know the benefits of the course, so keep on saying whatever they hear from their surrounding. But the truth is something else. B. Tech is not an overrated degree we have some evidence to prove it.

Overrated? No

In all the engineering courses the theory part is at the considered as most important, so the focus is on strengthening the theory portion, on the other hand, the B.Tech focuses on principles of solving the problem and creating value for the society and creating employment opportunities, new products. Therefore it converts knowledge or law into value or money.

It is one skill in which you can apply your gathered knowledge. And in our country, there is an enormous opportunity from daycare to simplification of the process of walking. For Example Faster internet, efficient fuel engines, Wide delivery channels.

 Examples on which one can rely on B.Tech degree

Business people who have nothing to do with the education started investing their fund into engineering college as nowadays it’s way f generating high market fro them.

And if one gets admitted to this course, he or she gets to learn how to deal with the problem in your being one of the most significant advantages of pursuing your career in this stream

the focus is one the practical work rather than written work, so students are more aware of what they are learning and easily conclude what the things are trying to say.

So we can conclude each degree or course has its significance and value and teaches so many new things if we get into it. So judging anyone from outside doesn’t give you what it is from inside.

Which Branch Have more Placement opportunity in

There are so many branches which can get you proper placement. Artificial Intelligence Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

It is Branch having high placement scale. Every year best companies like Google, Microsoft etc. company recruit employees from this field out of a hundred students 50 students pursue their career in this Branch and get recruited.

Computer Science Engineering

The field which is highly demanded by the students. Students are trying harder to get in this Branch as the upcoming world requires not only for the technical worker but also technologies which can do every work which is performed by a human being.


High rated the course and most preferable by the students. As we are like experimenting with the stuff we have. And the one can pursue their career in Artificial Intelligence Engineering. Placement is always at the top scale in this field.

Top 10 Colleges offering B.Tech Degree

  • IITS – Indian Institute Of Technology

So one can have so many options while pursuing a career in B.Tech.



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