India a land of Ironies

India is known for its culture and rich heritage, but now it has another name that is a land of contradiction arising from our hypocritical attitude. Everyone wants the problem to disappear, but no one wants to put any effort into solving them.

We want someone to clear the Chaos with our “chalta hai wala” attitude. Isn’t it ironical? And we come across so many ironies that can only exist in India because of our Typical Mentality.

Ironies that play a significant role in making  India from best to worst.

Oh, Indians!

  • Most of The people who fight over Gita and Quran have probably never read these books.
  • , we never follow the traffic rule, but the irony is that when a black cat crosses the road, we usually stop.
  • People protect their phone by having a screen guard on it but never think of wearing a helmet while driving to let their heads be safeguarded.

All Irony for Indian Girls

  • We always teach our daughters to work on their dressing style, but we never thought of erasing the root that is boys.
  • In the world full of “Beti Ghar ki Laxmi hai” we come across many who say a girl is a burden on its family and nothing more than that.
  • In this era of modern technology, people blame women for giving birth to a girl, but they hardly know that it depends on the male chromosome.
  • For a girl, it’s dangerous to talk to a strange boy but not to marry one stranger.
  • We spend as much money as we can on our daughter’s marriage instead of spending on their education.
  • In many Rural areas, Men ask women not to raise a girl child, but they forget that it is a girl who gives birth to a man too.
  • We come across many posters of saving a girl child, but we never do anything in their favour.

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  • The court ignores the rapist by assigning them bail and say it would be an injustice to hang them, but what no one thinks of the poor girls who have survived the gross injustice.

All About India

  • We greet and respect our Holy Rivers such as Ganga Yamuna and many more, but the fact is that we are the one to pollute them.
  • Nowadays, Chinese products are a source of meme for Indians, but we are the one to create a big Chinese market In India.
  • We never have guts to bargain at the showroom, but we have guts to negotiate with the poor rickshaw puller and vegetable vendor.
  • While playing the role of Mary Kom Priyanka Chopra earned that much that Mary Kom has never made in her whole life.

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  • School teaches us that India is a secular country we all should unite but demand the community certificate at the time of education.

All About Indian politics

  • Politicians spend a lot of money on building their status and earning goodwill in society, but they never get into removing the poverty in India, which can affect their condition and in the community. What an irony?
  • In elections, we vote for the person we dislike the most rather than the person we like the most.
  • The most significant Irony Politics divide us and Terrorist unites us.

I hope you Guys also have the same thoughts about these ironies, So let puts a foot forward in bringing the change to the Indian system

I have one do share in the comment section below.