Vastu Shastra at IIT

IIT Kharagpur to Introduce a New Course in Vastu Shastra

In today’s modern era every person wants to learn new things.when we talk of notions some people still believe in it.The day does not seem far when it will be taught as a subject in colleges.IIT Kharagpur will soon introduce courses in is part of Institute’s science.

Overview of course:

  • Vastu Shastra lessons will be merged with a history of architecture.
  • The course will be divided in two level architecture first and second for undergraduate level.
  • With Planning and Management facility for the postgraduate level.

professor Dr. Joy Sen head of department of IIT Kharagpur’s RCGSIDM  and professor of architectural and regional planning said “there is a massive demand of such courses among the generations of today”.

“There will not be any issue of placement for students” Professor Sen said. The new generation wants to explore new things.

News of IIT Kharagpur has received mixed reactions. it will be very helpful in contributing towards the development of our country.

Vastu Shastra has its beginning from Rig Veda and now scientific in its tenor.Today the whole world is looking for green leaving.The concepts of Vastu Shastra contribute toward healthy environment and infrastructure and that is what everybody wants which is our modern relevance.