How to Sell Value to Customers?

Whenever a person says that he is a salesman, we will try to get away as soon as possible. This is because we are afraid to have a convincing conversation and end up buying those products.

Here we would like to confess a valid point. Sales is the best skill an upcoming Entrepreneur can learn and by the end of this article, we will make sure you realise this point.

Recently, we saw a quote posted by Divyank Jain, Co-founder of Thewiseidiot. It says People Hate To Be Sold, But They Love To Buy. Understanding this small quote will change the way you visualise Sales.

Attacking people’s psychology is one of the most successful ways to sell a valueless product. But it’s not what we want to teach you in this article. 

The Focus Point

In this article, we will teach you how to sell a product that solves a major pain point in society and helps you to become a great problem solver.

The very first thing that you need to understand is that no one can be fully satisfied with your products or services.

So make sure your products have more pros and cons because that’s how you can sell a product without losing value and trust among your customers. 

We should create a product that helps people to solve a problem and create brand value. For example, if a company is using aggressive marketing strategy to sell its products, then it’s more likely to die in the coming days.

Because, initially people will fall into honey traps and pay you huge fees. But later they will realise the reality behind your company and will never refer to you as a valuable company at all.

Providing negative feedback or reviews in social media or other platforms can cause a great loss to the company and the company will eventually close.

All that matters is whether your customers are in love with your products and services or not. That’s how you can win the game of long term legacy.

So we have got you some important information regarding how to create valuable products and make sure you learn these to start your Entrepreneurial journey. 

Sales Is All About Buyer

Sales is one of the easiest ways to manipulate a customer and convince him to buy a particular product or a service.

This is evolved as a loophole in the current industry and most of the people are being cheated by some Billion dollar companies with advanced tactics.

It’s not at all good to cheat your customers because today’s customer is tomorrow’s referral. So instead of this, try to create a product that actually solves a particular problem and helps you in creating trust among your users. 

The best example to understand this is Cred. Cred has realised the pain point of the credit card industry. Kunal carefully learned the behaviour of a normal credit card holder and solved one of the biggest pain points in the industry.

See, sales is not only about selling products to people. It’s more like winning the hearts of people and amazing them with your products and services. 

MARKETING And Psychology Goes Together

Most people feel Marketing and Psychology are two different terms. When it comes to sales these two terms will overlap with each other and work so that we will trigger the very own brains of the customers.

For example, some food companies use red and yellow in their logos. Red colour increases the aggression to eat and yellow colour states for calmness. 

Whenever a person finds these logos, they are not able to resist the urge to eat. So they often tend to visit the restaurants.

Some other companies use Gaurella Marketing Strategies to improve their customer base.

Provide Social Proof

A proof is not just a piece of somebody’s previous success after buying your product. Proof is the fact that your products and services are greatly appreciated. 

Make sure that your products are so helpful in changing the lives of a normal person. Hence you will create a never falling loop in Social media and other platforms.

All of your valuable customers will give genuine feedback. It will greatly increase your brand value among the new registered users. 

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