How to Retain More of What You Read

How to Retain More of What you Read?

Do you face difficulty in retaining what you read, 95 of every 100 people faces this problem. But you need not worry, here are some tips which will improve your grasping power and sharpen your memory.

Quit More Books

Don’t waste your time on sticking to only one book. Try to skim through the book and read the content whichever section you find exciting or essential go through it. Read the quality books only which have the right language and covering the vital information.

Read as much as books you can read remember not to read those books who carry insignificant as it will only lead to wastage of time.

Make Notes

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Making notes is as important as having food after done with the reading, do not forget to make notes as they serve as the key to remembering what you have read or learnt earlier, it will not only save your time but help you keep the thing in mind. Remember to use different colour pens to make note clean and easy to read.

There are several ways of keeping your notes safe

  • Create an Audiobook Of your Notes
  • Make sure to print your notes or have a soft copy so that you need not do the whole procedure of making notes again.
  • Have an E-Book which you can carry anywhere in your mobile.

Good Diet

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It will be shocking to hear that a proper diet can help you retain more of what you read but it’s having good food filled with so much of vitamin minerals and fibre is right for your health will keep your brain healthy and stop from procrastination. Avoid heavy and fatty food, which makes you feel sick all the time and distracts you.

Make a connection

This can be done by combining your knowledge from different books and finding a link between the topics of a different book it eases in remembering so many issues at the same time without wasting much time on finding the different books to revise the topics.

This connection will help you remember what you have read by gaining new ideas and information on the familiar topics. Whenever you read something, and it reminds you of another topic, don’t let it go out, note it down what you have learned and how it connects to different other issues.

Write a Short Summary

Writing a summary will help you remember what you have read. As soon as you finish a book keep in mind to convert into a short overview and underline the main points

Covering the Following Topics:

  • Main points or topics in the book.
  • Practically testing what you have learnt
  • Developing a rhyme linking to any incident which helps you reminding the points quickly.


Do practise of what you have read by repeating the same topic within a short period and when you feel like you can retain something just diminishing the time taken to revive a problem.

As it is said by a famous Author David Canes “when we only learn something once we do not learn it at least not well enough to change us much and It runs out of our mind.

So it’s essential to read a topic twice or thrice to let it freeze in our mind forever and ever because it’s hard to find a good thing in this world but putting an effort to remember it is not hard.