How to Improve Your Performance by Improving Your Mindset?

Fortune tellers are people who claim to predict the future by the alignment of the lines in their hands. With no offense, there might be people who can actually predict your future with their mystical powers.

At the same time, there are people who cheat others claiming a well promised future to their fellow persons. 

But, what if I say that there is actually a well sorted way to predict your future. The best way to predict your professional future is by developing yourself accordingly.

Let’s say a student is studying graduation in one of the most reputed colleges. But he is not into that course. So, ultimately he will end up with two choices.

One is to bear the consequences of choosing an entirely different industry in which he is more interested in. Other is just to fake things and continue to die in the present industry without a hope in life. 

We at StudentGiri prefer you to take Risks in life. Risks in the sense, educate yourself to evaluate a particular path. This might help in your future to see the worst case scenarios of choosing that path.

It’s no wonder that a person cannot predict the outcomes of his choices in life. But the best thing is, he has taken a calculated risk that helps him to grow professionally. 

In this article we will learn how to predict your future and help you to build your future by changing your mindset and improving yourself as much as possible.

So let’s Start unlearning things that need to be learned in a particular way. 

Eat That Frog

Our first rule in life is to compare all the consequences in life with the most disgusting thing that you have ever heard of. The phrase Eat That Frog was coined by Bryan Tracy.

Bryan Tracy helped us to change the way we see things in this universe. If you are facing a problem that is eating your peace and freedom, then just imagine that you ate a living frog.

It’s disgusting right? Absolutely, but if you compare it to the worst situation that you are dealing with, it’s no worse than eating a frog.

Here Bryan Tracy is helping you to realise that everyone has to face a situation that is so tough to deal with and the best part is that, it’s a never ending process.

Most of the people cannot bear the pressure and tend to live in their comfort zones only. Living in a comfort zone is the best way to kill your creativity and talent in a very smooth way. 

We people at Studentgirl want our readers to Stop staying in their comfort zone and face real challenges that help them to grow as well. 

The Feedback Loop

Feedback is a great teacher. If you are that one percent of people who feel taking feedback on your work is the real tool for advancement and growth, then you are right.

Still if you didn’t understand the importance of Feedback, understand it from the following case study.

Let’s say you are an entrepreneur who is solving a major pain point with your product. You mostly sell your products through online funnels such as social media and e-commerce platforms. Your customers love your product and the way it solves their problem.

But soon a new problem arrived in the room. Your product which is solving one problem, is creating another problem for its users and the worst part is that you don’t even know about this deadly problem. 

Soon the word was spread and it’s too late to react. You don’t understand what went wrong with your current product and don’t know how to proceed further. Now let’s see the same scenario with a feedback loop. 

Everything is the same, your product is great and users love it. But soon your product gave rise to another problem.

But this time you have a tool to get feedback from your customers. Soon you started receiving complaints regarding your product and you understood the situation too. 

You got all the information such as the problem faced by your customers and the suggestions that need to be done to your product. With this information, you can study the behaviour of your customers and remodel your product as well.

This time, you learned a lesson that, No matter how great your product is, it will always have certain advantages and disadvantages associated with it. 

So, with the available feedback, you can even analyse the upcoming problems and design a product that eliminates this as well. We know that it’s not easy to do, but chasing the impossible is the Entrepreneurs Job. 

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