Trishneet Arora

Hobby as Profession turned into great success by a 8th failed boy

As in today’s modern world achieving success without a solid academic performance seems to impossible even none asks for them in in any field.

But here is something which will amaze us that success can be achieved being weak in studies.

An 8th class failed boy “TRISHNEET ARORA who develop a multi-million dollar business at the age of 21 although getting fail in 8th standard .fullweighted corporate guideline was formed by his ideas like Reliance, Amul, Avon Cycle and etc.


“This young boy has become an inspirable image for all those who want to achieve or giving success a chance to enter their life”

  • Trishneet is 23 now and is the head of cyber security(TAC Security)
  • He was born from one of the middle-class family in Ludhiana.
  • And computers are his favorite privilege from childhood, it can be said he is ‘Born prodigy’.
  • He becomes more dedicated to collecting more and more information about hacking which distracted his mind from studies due to which he failed in 8th standard.


I immersed so much in computers that I didn’t appear for exams and failed in 8th standard.
  • On outing of a result, he became a bunch of laughter among all his friend and his parents were desperate at the result.
  • But it was a time for him to continue with his hobbies with later turned into the profession, he quit his studies and went on with his profession and by the side join correspondence course.
  • HIS efforts were ignored by people but Trishneet keeps on going with all the activities and updates himself in latest hacking.
  • He felt that various companies were exploited and filched when he proved this person started taking him seriously and there was bustle in the hacking world.
  • At age off, he became head of TAC security and due to his talent got patient like Reliance, Avon Cycle, Punjab police, CBI and much more.
  • HE also wrote three books like hacking era, hacking smartphones, and Hacking talks with Trishneet.

These all seems to be unbelievable a boy having no formal degree get fortune company as his patent, His turnover comes in rupees every year and he has offices in Dubai and united kingdom.

When people think of making career at that age Trishneet developed a multi jobs b

“These things motivate us that anyone can do anything without having a formal degree just by doing every possible effort and courage to achieve selected goals”.

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