Happy Engineer's Day

Happy Engineer’s Day

Engineer’s Day is celebrated on 15 September every year in India and similarly, date varies in other countries.

History Behind Engineer’s Day

The celebration of this day on a wide range by all the engineers in order to give tribute to the greatest engineer Bharat Ratna Vishvesvaraya who was born on 15 September 1860. He was the Cheif engineer for a project of both Krishna Raja Sagra Dam construction and flood protection system for the city of Hyderabad.

In the same way, other countries celebrate it to give tribute to their country’s greatest engineer on some other day

Wishes and Tributes

On this beautiful occasion, Prime Minister Narendra Damodar Das Modi tweeted warm wishes to all the engineers. And praised them with beautifully said words “Engineers are synonymous with diligence and determination”. Human progress would be incomplete without their innovative zeal. And given tribute to the greatest engineer Bharat Ratna Vishvesvaraya.

Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu gave a humble tribute to Vishvesvaraya. As a par excellence civil engineer who provides India with water resources through construction of the dam. The nation will always be grateful for his invaluable contribution.

Mamta Banerjee also hailed the contribution of engineers by humble words “My best wishes to all the engineers on this day.

Not only sir Vishvesvaraya contribution will remain invaluable but also of all the engineers’ for this nation. The mantra this year is “Engineering is Challenges for Knowledge Era”.