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In today’s modern era choosing a good career, option requires a lot of hard work. Students not only find it challenging, but also they are messed up. As per the mentor’s guidance, science is the only subject with endless career options, but in recent years, commerce has become widely popular among students. This field tricky as well as scoring.

Few career opportunity for students with maths and without maths


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students who have opted maths while selecting the stream can pursue their career in this field.

Economics is an excellent option to pursue, an economist, a statistician, strategist, insurance underwriter, operation research analyst, etc.

One can pursue with B.A./B.Sc. (H) economics, Bachelors of Business Economics, Mazor and Masters in Economics.


A pervasive function required in all field besides at all the levels in an organisation.

This factor helps in building goodwill of a firm or an organisation, and it leads to growth and smooth functioning. It is a border field and comes with lots of career opportunities like consulting, sale, human resource management, general management, finance, operation management, supply chain management etc.

To be a part of this field, one needs to pursue graduation in Bachelors of Business Association /Bachelors of Management Studies, followed by an MBA.

Chartered Accountant(CA):

One of the prestigious and professionally recognised certifications conducted by the Institute of Chartered Accountancy of India(ICAI). A CA performs various functions such as audit, taxation, investment, finance etc.

For pursuing a career in this field, one firstly needs to register oneself with the ICAI and then after secondary examinations clearing the two level of study and training under a CA or a CA firm

The two levels of education are :

Level -1 Competency Professional Test

Level -2 Integrated Professional Competence

To pursue a career in this field, maths proves a beneficial subject; instead, it is not necessary to have a maths background.

Company secretary(CS):

It is also one of the prestigious certification conducted by the Institute of Company Secretary of India(ICSI). A CS ensures legal and statutory compliance and Execution of decision of the Board of Directors.

They perform several functions from advising for conducting business to developing corporate strategy and many more.

The best part of job seekers in this field is that they can work both with the public and private sector can also set up their services.

There are three stages for clearing this certification:

  • Foundation Program
  • Executive Programme
  • professional programme

And after the operational application, one has to go through 15 months training, and after it, one becomes a member of the associate Company Secretary. Mathematics is not required to pursue a career in this field.

Cost and Management Accounting(CMA):

The certification for CMA is provided by the Institute of Cost And Work Accountant of India(ICWAI). They prepare financial Plan and Strategy of the company as well as the financial report of various regulatory authorities, tax authority etc.

One needs to pass through all the 20 exams three stages Foundation, Intermediate and Final. Students without math background can pursue their career in this field.

Bank PO:

One of the preferable as well as a suited field for most of the students. Anyone can Pursue their Career in this field whether they belong to the particular stream or not according to their interest.

The exam is conducted by the public as well as private banks. Here the person starts his/her journey as a trainee and then probationary period begins, which lasts for 2-year after the completion of that particular period the person becomes the assistant manager.

The career options, as mentioned above, will Help you in pursuing a good career besides lead to Good earning.










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