Government Ready To Discard No Detention Of Class 5 And 8

Now a day’s student studying in class 5 and 8 does not pay attention in studying.This is because of Detention Policy introduced in 2010 by Government Policy.Students of class 5 and 8 who fail in their annual examinations might get some other chance even if the current no detention policy is scrapped from amendment bill.

Current Detention Policy

According to the current no-detention policy, students are promoted to higher classes every year till grade eight.This policy comes to force on April 1, 2010.the intention behind this is to ensure that every child aged between 6 to 14 gets a school education.But this has raised the negative impact of policy on the academic performance of students.

New Provision

According to HRD minister Prakash Javedekar, a sanctioning provision is being made in amendment bill that will allow states to conduct examinations in class 5 and 8 and confined students if they fail. States will however have the right to discretion to give another to these students to pass.

In case a student takes the annual examination in march and unable to pass.they can get another chance in June.Before sitting in the exam they have to attend the ‘remedial classes’.Once the new system comes into action, the duty is on the state whether to hold the examination in classes 5 and 8.

These changes likely to be taken by Union Cabinet this month.Under The Right to Education, not a single child can be detained till 8 without studying.Last year it was decided to give states right whether they want no-detention policy, or not.The states are allowed to disclose their own policy of detention from class 5.

Many states agreed to this decision because of the affected quality of education.But other states opposed the detention policy.The policy is to come in action from 2018.

Do let us know your views about the new detention policy in the comments below.

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