Free Bus and Metro Ride: A Rumor or Reality

Free Bus And Metro Rides :Rumor or Reality?

On 03 June 2019 Cheif Minister Arvind Kejriwal announced Free bus and metro rides for women in the capital city. This access for free spins is provided so that women could enjoy any mode of transport they want to.

The step is taken by the Aam Adami Party to ensure a safer travelling for women. Aam Adami Party also stated that they would bear all the expense whatever this project will cost them.

All the importance is given to the safety of women while taking a foot forward.

As nowadays Girls are slightly safer in the capital city.

This scheme of free bus and metro rides optional for those who can afford to buy the ticket to enable free travelling for others who are not capable of the tickets. They need not take subsidy so that others could be benefited. On the other hand, it will encourage all the girl, who never went out of their homes just because of the fear of a hike in price in public transport.

The scheme is just a proposal not yet launched by the government. The Aam Aadmi Party demanded for a week to fix all this up.

The Transport Depratment said it would be challenging to pass this scheme with approval of Delhi Metro Rail Corporation(DMRC).

Still, the government said that they would not take their steps back as it was a tough and one of the first step taken in favour of women’s safety, which will be failproof.

The project will cost up to Rupees 1,200 crore.

However, the government will manage the cost as nothing is more important than the question of women’s safety.


Beside all these things, the question of why only for girls and not for boys is arising with the same speed. The answer was men can travel anytime anywhere with any means of transport the same is not possible for women.

And society deserves this answer as at all the seven stages of our lives we grow up with the thought of strong men.

As it is said that “As you sow, so you reap” will always continue in this world.