Establishment of Defense Space Research Agency

Establishment of New Space Research Agency

Nowadays, India has occupied a significant position in the field of technology, and the eye is toward expanding itself more in every area.
The government is not only taking a foot forward toward modifying but also reshaping every particular area which needs renovation from a long.
Recently on June 11, the Modi government has approved the project of setting up of new agency named Defence Space Research Agency(DSRA) for creation of Spacewar weapons as well as technologies said by the Defense Ministry sources.

The agency started working over this project under Joint Secretary Level Scientist.

The agency will provide help with the team of the various scientist working in the coordination with the tri-service integrated Defence staff Officers comprising of three sectors.
The purpose of creation of Defence Space Research Agency is to provide support to the Defence department in fighting Space wars.

An anti-satellite test was too carried on in March this year, to analyse the capability to shoot in the space.

The test also helped the country in developing the calibre to fight rivals who could damage the Indian space system in wars.

The Air Vice Marshal Rank Officer will take care of the Space related conflicts of three sectors.
This step of the Modi Government will prove to help to address space and cyber warfare not only outside as well as inside the country.