E-Learning Platform

E-Learning Platforms

In this rapidly expanding world of online education, we come across many E-Learning Platforms.
But selecting a supreme one is tricky work.
Here to help you navigate with the change we are providing you with that platform which will help you excel in a specific field as per your choice.



It is one of the e-learning platform providing visitors with online courses covering dozen of different subjects. It is an e-learning platform developed in collaboration with the leading university in the U.S. Recently specialisation in 10 various courses has been made which will provide users with a certificate from associated universities.

It has access to a wide variety of subjects, from data science to Musical theory. Many courses are either free or cheap to provide ease of using it to a different group of people. It also provides a certificate after the session.



An advance teaching and learning platform to people spread across different countries in the world. It provides access to millions of courses. It is a Non Profit organisation and offers open source software.

This consists of short videos and learning exercises, which not only helps students in learning but also in immediate practice.

They provide also provide online education forum where students can post their queries and have a quick chat with the experts.

Edx offers a certificate on successful completion of a course and X series certificate one completion of a bundled set of two or seven rounds in single subject cost varies accordingly.



SWAYAM is an E-learning programme by the government of India to initiate quality education among youth. It provides ease of learning to the courses taught at schools and university by the best teachers all over India.

Secondly, It offers all the courses at a free cost although the fee is payable by one who wants to obtain a certificate in the end. IITs, University of Delhi, IGNOU, IIMs, Banaras Hindu University with the help of Foreign University will offer many different courses.

It is an interactive learning platform which provides not only video lectures, reading material but also assignments and quizzes that help in securing excel score.


National Programme in Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL)

An  E-learning platform which is an initiative by Seven Indian Institute of Technology as well as Indian Institute of science.

The institute is established to create courses in the field of science and engineering.

It contains 100 video courses with a duration of forty hours as well as 100 supplements web-based courses. Management courses such s Finance, Marketing, Operation etc. are based on the model curriculum by All India Council For Technical Education(AICTE) and syllabus of various universities in India.



An American  E-learning community with thousands of courses in Design, Business, Tech and many more. The purpose is to provide learning material to the people who are willing to learn irrespective of their class and religion.

It focuses on interaction rather than lecturing by completing the practical work — further, the courses which are not recognised but are available through subscription.


The E-Learning Platforms, as mentioned above, are one of the tops sources of learning where You can utilise not only your time but also saves money.