CBSE Sociology Class 11 Syllabus

Course Structure Unit Topic Marks A Introducing Sociology 34 1 Society, Sociology and relationship with other social sciences 2 Basic Concepts 3 Social Institutions 4 Culture and Society 5 Practical Sociology: Methods & Techniques B Understanding Society 46 6 Structure, Process and Stratification 7 Social Change 8 Environment and Society 9 Western Social Thinkers 10 […]


CBSE Sociology Class 12 Syllabus

Course Structure Unit Topic Marks Indian Society 32 1 Introducing Indian Society (Non-evaluative) 2 Demographic Structure & Indian Society 3 Social Institutions-Continuity and change 4 Market as a Social Institution 5 Pattern of Social Inequality and Exclusion 6 Challenges of Cultural Diversity 7 Suggestions for Project Work (Non-evaluative) Change and Development in Indian Society 48 […]


CBSE Psychology Class 12 Syllabus

Course Structure Unit Topic Marks I Variations in Psychological Attributes 9 II Self and Personality 10 III Meeting Life Challenges 7 IV Psychological Disorders 10 V Therapeutic Approaches 7 VI Attitude and Social Cognition 8 VII Social Influence and Group Processes 7 VIII Psychology and Life 6 IX Developing Psychological Skills 6 Total  70 TERM […]


CBSE Political Science Class 12 Syllabus

Course Structure Part A: Contemporary World-Politics (50 Marks) Unit  Topic  Marks  1 Cold War Era 14 2 The End of bipolarity 3 US Hegemony in World Politics 16 4 Alternative centres of Power 5 Contemporary South Asia 6 International Organizations 10 7 Security in Contemporary World 8 Environment and Natural Resources 10 9 Globalisation Total […]


CBSE Physics Class 12 Syllabus

Course Structure Unit Chapter / Topic Marks I Electrostatics 15 Chapter-1: Electric Charges and Fields Chapter-2: Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance II Current Electricity Chapter-3: Current Electricity III Magnetic Effect of Current & Magnetism 16 Chapter-4: Moving Charges and Magnetism Chapter-5: Magnetism and Matter IV Electromagnetic Induction & Alternating Current Chapter-6: Electromagnetic Induction Chapter-7: Alternating Current […]


CBSE Mathematics Class 12 Syllabus

Course Structure Unit Topic Marks I. Relations and Functions 10 II. Algebra 13 III. Calculus 44 IV. Vectors and 3-D Geometry 17 V. Linear Programming 6 VI. Probability 10 Total  100 Unit I: Relations and Functions 1. Relations and Functions Types of relations: reflexive, symmetric, transitive and equivalence relations. One to one and onto functions, […]


CBSE Legal Studies Class 12 Syllabus

Course Structure S.No. Units Marks 1 Judiciary 15 2 Topics in Law 15 3 Arbitration, Tribunal Adjudication and Alternate Dispute Resolution 15 4 Human Rights in India 15 5 Legal Profession in India 15 6 Legal Services 15 7 International Context 10 Total  100  Unit 1: Judiciary Constitution, Roles and Impartiality Structure, Hierarchy of Courts, […]


CBSE Home Science Class 12 Syllabus

Course Structure Unit Chapter Marks I Human Development: Life Span Approach (Part II) 30 II Nutrition for Self, Family and Community III Money Management and Consumer Education 35 IV Apparel: Designing, Selection and Case V Community Development and Extension (Part II) 5 VI Career Option after Home Science Education Practical 30 Total 70 Unit I: […]


CBSE History Class 12 Syllabus

Course Structure Units  Topic  Marks  Units 1 – 4 Themes in Indian History Part – I 25 Units 5 – 9 Themes in Indian History Part – II 25 Units 10 – 15 Themes in Indian History Part – III 25 Unit 16 Map Work 5 Project work 20 Total 100 Themes in Indian History […]


CBSE Geography Class 12 Syllabus

Course Structure A  Fundamentals of Human Geography  35  Unit 1 Human Geography Unit 2 People Unit 3 Human Activities Unit 4 Transport, Communication and Trade Unit 5 Human settlements Map Work 5 B India: People and Economy 35 Unit 6 People Unit 7 Human Settlements Unit 8 Resources and Development Unit 9 Transport, Communication and […]

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