Backdoor entry in Educational Institutions should stop

The Delhi High court said, “It is high time that backdoor entry in educational institutions should stop, lakhs of students work hard to get admission”. According to the Supreme Court’s direction, students seeking admission in any government or private medical college have to undergo the centralised counselling conducted by the Department of Medical Education (DME) […]


Student loans or Education loans: Key points to know

Student loans or Education loans are sums of money borrowed from government or private banks/ financial institutions to pursue higher/ professional/ vocational/ technical education in recognized institutions in India as well as Abroad. These loans have to be repaid including both principal amount and interest, after the completion of the course for which the loan […]


The Good Old Days

Oh, if only we could take a time-travel device and return to the good old days! To a world where hugs were given instead of elbow-bumps, being squished in a concert did not shroud one in fear, and when masks were not as necessary as our earphones when we went out. With the gradual easing […]

Esya ’16: The Sixth Edition is Gonna be Sick!

What is Esya? Esya, the annual technical fest of IIIT-Delhi, provides a platform for students to showcase their talents and knowledge in various fields of Computer Science, Electronics and Communication, and various Non-Technical fields. We aim to cross boundaries of the imaginable, and let everyone discover a world unknown to them, be it about technology, […]

Esya’15 – And The Journey Began

IIITD Annual Techfest Have you ever felt like the world was just right? That feeling of contentment because of some little achievement that no one but you yourself understand? I hadn’t felt that way, ever. Life had always been about extreme joy or extreme sadness for me. Till that fateful day (or night?) that changed […]

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