CBSE Sociology Class 11 Syllabus

Course Structure Unit Topic Marks A Introducing Sociology 34 1 Society, Sociology and relationship with other social sciences 2 Basic Concepts 3 Social Institutions 4 Culture and Society 5 Practical Sociology: Methods & Techniques B Understanding Society 46 6 Structure, Process and Stratification 7 Social Change 8 Environment and Society 9 Western Social Thinkers 10 […]


CBSE Psychology Class 11 Syllabus

Course Structure Unit Topic  Marks I What is Psychology? 7 II Methods of Enquiry in Psychology 10 III The Bases of Human Behaviour 8 IV Human Development 6 V Sensory, Attentional and Perceptual Processes 8 VI Learning 9 VII Human Memory 8 VIII Thinking 7 IX Motivation and Emotion 7 Total 70 Unit I: What is […]


CBSE Political Science Class 11 Syllabus

Course Structure Unit Topic Marks Part A: Indian Constitution at Work   1. Philosophy of the Constitution 12 2. Rights of the Indian Constitution 3. Election and Representation 10 4. Executive 5. Legislature 10 6. Judiciary 7. Federalism 10 8. Local Governments 9. Constitution as a Living Document 8 Part B: Political Theory  10. Political Theory […]


CBSE Physics Class 11 Syllabus

Course Structure Unit Chapter / Topic Marks I Physical World and Measurement 23 Chapter–1: Physical World Chapter–2: Units and Measurements II Kinematics Chapter–3: Motion in a Straight Line Chapter–4: Motion in a Plane III Laws of Motion Chapter–5: Laws of Motion IV Work, Energy and Power 17 Chapter–6: Work, Energy and Power V Motion of […]


CBSE Physical Education Class 11 Syllabus

Unit I. Changing Trends and Career in Physical Education Define Physical Education, its Aims and Objectives Development of Physical Education – Post Independence Concept and Principles of Integrated Physical Education Concept and Principles of Adaptive Physical Education Career Options in Physical Education Unit II. Physical Fitness, Wellness and Lifestyle Meaning and importance of Physical Fitness, […]


CBSE Philosophy Class 11 Syllabus

Exam Structure Unit Topic  Marks  1 Indian Theories of Knowledge (Epistemology) 20 2 Western Theories of Knowledge (Epistemology) 20 3 Principles of Reasoning (Logic) 60 Total 100 Unit 1: Indian Theories of Knowledge (Epistemology) (i) Classification of Indian philosophical systems (ii) Six ways of knowing in Indian Philosophy (iii) Nyaya definition of perception and distinction […]


CBSE Mathematics Class 11 Syllabus

Course Structure Unit Topic Marks I. Sets and Functions 29 II. Algebra 37 III. Co-ordinate Geometry 13 IV. Calculus 6 V. Mathematical Reasoning 3 VI. Statistics and Probability 12 Total  100 Unit-I: Sets and Functions 1. Sets Sets and their representations. Empty set. Finite and Infinite sets. Equal sets. Subsets. Subsets of a set of […]


CBSE Legal Studies Class 11 Syllabus

Course Structure S.No. Units Marks 1 Theory and Nature of Political Institutions 20 2 Nature and Sources of Law 20 3 Historical Evolution of Indian Legal System 20 4 Civil and Criminal Courts and Process 20 5 Family Justice System 20 Total 100  Unit 1: Theory and Nature of Political Institutions Concept of State/Nation Organs […]


CBSE Home Science Class 11 Syllabus

Course Structure Unit Chapter Marks I. Concept of Home Science and its Scope 25 II. Human Development: Life Span Approach (Part I) III. Food, Nutrition, Health and Fitness 30 IV. Family, Community and Resources V. Fabric and Apparel 15 VI. Community Development and Extension (Part I) Total Theory Marks  70  Practical 30 Unit I: Concept […]


CBSE History Class 11 Syllabus

Course Structure S.No. Units Marks 1. Introduction to World History Section A: Early Societies 15 2. Introduction 3. From the beginning of time 4. Early Cities Section B: Empires 20 5. Introduction 6. An empire across three continents 7. Central Islamic lands 8. Nomadic Empires Section C: Changing Traditions 20 9. Introduction 10. Three orders […]

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