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CBSE Social Science Class 10 Syllabus

5 mn read There are 29 questions in the paper. All questions are compulsory. Questions from serial number 1 to 8 are very short answer questions of 1 mark each. Questions from serial number 9 to 20 are 3 marks questions. Questions from serial number 21 to 28 are 5 marks questions. Question number 29(a) is a map […]

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CBSE Science Class 10 Syllabus

4 mn read Course Structure First Term Units Marks I. Chemical Substances – Nature & Behaviour 33 II. World of Living 21 IV. Effects of Current 29 V. Natural Resources 7 Total 90 Second Term Units Marks I. Chemical Substances – Nature & Behaviour 23 II. World of Living 30 III. Natural Phenomenon 29 V. Natural Resources 8 Total […]

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CBSE NTSE Class 10 Syllabus and Exam Pattern

< 1 mn read The National Talent Search Examination is conducted for students studying at the Class X level. The examination consists of two tests: Mental Ability Test (MAT) Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) The questions in the MAT and SAT are multiple-choice type. Each question has four alternatives. You have to select one correct answer from the given alternatives and […]

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CBSE Mathematics Class 10 Syllabus

4 mn read Course Structure First Term (SA-I) Units Marks I. Number System 11 II. Algebra 23 III. Geometry 17 IV. Trigonometry 22 V. Statistics 17 Total 90 Second Term (SA-II) Units Marks II. Algebra (contd.) 23 III. Geometry (contd.) 17 IV. Trigonometry (contd.) 8 V. Probability 8 VI. Co-ordinate Geometry 11 VII. Mensuration 23   Total 90 […]

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CBSE English Communicative Class 10 Syllabus

2 mn read Exam Specifications Summative Assessment I & II Section Topic Marks A Reading Skills 20 B Writing Skills with Grammar 25 C Literature Textbook and Extended Reading Text 25 D Assessment of Speaking & Listening (ASL) 20 Total 90 There is one written paper of English at the end of each term carrying 70 marks. The time […]

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