Why bright Students falter in senior classes? How should they cope up?

There are many students who perform well in junior school but not able to continue with the same ability and confidence in their higher studies just because of the pressure of studies.After, that they start falling downward in studies.

The general advice to them is, that if they have been doing well till senior school, then they have definitely studied well and achieved good scores.

The performance of many students generally sink in Class 11 and this is due to reasons.

  • One of them is they have to concentrate on academic work and work only on certain subjects that they have chosen.
  • Secondly, with the Class 10 Boards CBSE has not made it compulsory to give proper Boards and after a year they have to give Class 12 Boards, during this period most students take life a little easy.Discussion
  • Poor performance in studies puts you mentally stress. It may be a good idea to have a discussion regarding what is causing this stress with the people you trust such as your teachers or parents.
  • If you are able to study only for short intervals of time, do not lose hope. Whenever you have the time go back to your studies then do your studies.
  • Make charts, notes, keep remembering the difficult parts.Be confident to believe on yourself.confidence
  • Do not forget to maintain a routine of healthy eating, regular sleep, and physical exercise.
  • If you don’t have the specific timing of perfect studies. You should look what timings set best for you and when your concentration levels are high.
  • Work on new material when you are fresh. Do your revision later.
  • Another problem which every student faces is distance from home when student have to travel a long for taking class, attending lecture and much more it involve wastage of time no one thinks about them these problems is faced by every student who wants to make career being well-wisher
  • I suggest that students should think of their higher studies what they want to be aimed life should strongly stick to their aim by forgetting about all things. “As enjoying, life sounds good when we succeed in life”.