Are You Finding It Difficult To Study? 

Most people find it very difficult to concentrate on their studies. Most of them lack focus, and so they cannot control their mind and ultimately cannot control their actions. Therefore,  get very easily distracted. 

Most of us keep on procrastinating studies with various excuses first let me check my Facebook, let me play a game for 5 minutes. This habit of procrastinating wastes our whole day, and we think that we will start from the next day early in the morning. This is a universal problem. 

So, here are some tips and ideas which will help you to concentrate on your studies for longer hours. 

1) Early Morning 

Try to get up early in the morning. Anything you do in the early morning you repeat it the whole day. Plan what you will do the entire day. Do not check your phone first it will keep you distracted the whole day.Image result for do not use social media

2) Execution  

Execute your plan accordingly. Work as a computer, just like it doesn’t shut up before completing all the instructions given to it, you should try to complete your tasks before sleeping. 

3) 5 min 

Everyone thinks of taking a break while studying, try and tell your brain that you will take a break after next 5 min and try to put your maximum effort in that time. This will increase your efficiency and concentration

4) Flip 

Even if you don’t feel like studying start flipping the pages, it will generate some interest, and you would feel like studying. 

5) videos 

Even if flipping the pages does not generate your interest, try to watch some short YouTube videos of the topic or refer some brief notes.Image result for short youtube videos

6) Night Studies

 Try and avoid studying at night as your mind needs to relax at night. Every person needs at least 8 hours of sleep every day. Sleep between 12-3 a.m. is very crucial for your body growth. Irregular sleeping patterns will decrease your concentration, and you will be prone to diseases.

7) Relax  

Taking a break is also essential while studying; otherwise, you will feel very loaded and tired all the time. Don’t play a game or switch on your social media, instead take a walk. It will increase your ability to study. 

8) Health  

Exercise is equally important when you study. Also, you need to eat well to maintain your energy levels. Image result for health

These tips will help you concentrate better.