Apurva Muthe: A 19 year old founder and CEO of Tinker Bot

Apurva Muthe is a 19-year-old founder and CEO of Tinker bot. He is currently pursuing computer science at weber state university. This is not his first venture either, in the past he created Official Kumbhamela 2015 App for Nashik, India, which helped thousands of pilgrims from all over the world. Also, he created 4 other apps which are landing on Google Play store.

His journey started when he joined IIT in 11th grade but soon realized that this does not interest him. he cannot be able to become a better computer scientist with physics and chemistry. So, he decided to take SAT, an entrance exam to get into American Universities. He has a keen interest in literature and maths since childhood, so he prepared for SAT by studying endless hours with full dedication and finally got 98 percentile and get admission in weber state university.

He has studied in the united states as bachelor’s students. There he developed a difference in the teaching pattern of India and USA that the quality of education and the medium to spread the education was kind of really unique. He thought that India really need this kind of technology and then he discovered Tinker bot. Tinker bot is an Artificial Intelligence-based ChatBot geared towards redefining Indian Education System. Tinker Bot uses Facebook messenger as its main platform to teach learners and students by chatting with them. With the help of conversational chat forms, it creates a unique engagement with students and enhances one-to-one learning.

He has also discovered most powerful PC back in 2015. The PC also secured a patent for its design and distinguishing features.

As a result of his determination and persistent efforts, he is able to discover a chatbot in young age and a TIC TAC TOE game which allowed the user to play with the computer. He has created a new invention in the field of science and technology.

We connected with Apurva Muthe and posed a few questions about his adventure of coding. Have a look.

Q. Which is your hometown?

  1. Nashik, Maharashtra, India

Q. From Where you completed your early education?

  1. I completed my secondary education at Sacred Heart Convent High school

Q. Please share your story from India to Weber State University in the US.

  1. It was in 11th grade when I joined IIT Class, but then soon after joining, I understood that IITs were not for me, because I deeply believed the fact that Physics and Chemistry cannot help me in becoming better Computer Scientist and I was wasting my time preparing for the subjects which didn’t interest me. So, I decided to take SAT, an entrance exam to get into American Universities. I had a deep interest in Literature and Maths since childhood so I rigorously prepared for SAT by studying for endless hours and finally I scored 98 Percentile and secured admission at Weber State  University. 

Q. When and How did you start coding?

  1. It was long back when I got my first Computer and started interacting with it. My first step was playing with “LOGO” language. I created numerous patterns back then, Later, when I was 9, I got a book named “Learning C for dummies” and started to practice the programs and eventually got my hands on with Python to create web applications and small games. Since then, there was no looking back. To tell answer in numbers, I was around 8 when I first started coding.

Q. What was the first app/site that you made

  1. It was a TIC TAC TOE game, which allowed the user to play with Computer.

Q. What exactly is Tinker Bot? Please elaborate and share the link for the same.

  1. Tinker Bot is an Artificial Intelligence-based Chat Bot geared towards redefining Education System in India. It uses Facebook Messenger as its backend and teaches students and learners in Conversational Forms. This creates a one-2-one engagement with students and motivates them to learn by chatting. Link

Q. What motivated you to build an AI Bot?

  1. When I was in the US, I got to know various modern technologies that are used to teach students. But, then a thought struck my mind about the undeveloped Education System in India. So, I decided to build something which will use modern technologies and help Indian Students gain more knowledge.

Q. What were the top resource/ online resource which helped you to build this chatbot?

  1. I learned to programme by solving various problems on FreeCodeCamp.

Q. Do you have any previous projects? Do share your portfolio.

  1. I created Official Kumbhamela 2015 App for Nashik, which helped thousands of pilgrims from all over the world during 2015 Kumbhamela. I also created 4 other apps which are on Google Play Store. Later, I also secured Patent for designing world’s most Portable Personal Computer.

Q. Please tell us something about your Khumbmela 2015 app for Nasik?

  1. Kumbhamela 2015 App was first of its kind. The app had various options which helped pilgrims from all over the world. The basic services provided by the app were Emergency Services, phone numbers of various offices, Detailed information on Kumbhamela, Maps and also information about parking places.

Q. Please share something about the world’s most portable computer that you have made? 

  1. The PC that I designed was one of the smallest yet most powerful PC back in 2015. We are currently in the manufacturing process. The PC also secured Patent for its design and distinguishing features.

Q. What are your Future Goals in Life?

  1. One of the most important goals is the create employment for young India and help Indians achieve extraordinary things by living in India itself.

Q. Do you want to pursue Entrepreneurship or Job in future?

Of Course Entrepreneurship.

Q. How did you manage Coding along with studies?

  1. Studies were never big part of my life because I always believed that you don’t need to read or mug up lots of books and go to school or college.
  2.  Learning can be everywhere. So I never allowed studies to interfere with my initiatives.

Q – What are your suggestions to students out there who want to pursue something in life

I would just tell that “Follow your dreams and heart”. Please don’t waste your life because of social pressure or just to fulfill your parent’s expectations. You are here to live your own life and it’s solely your decision that how you live your life.

Apurva Muthe has proven that if anyone is determined to achieve something, this would have become possible. He has set up a perfect example for all the youngsters that age doesn’t matter at all. We wish him all the best for his future and appreciates him to accomplish more exceptional achievements for the duration of his life