Amazing Facts about Human Body

Amazing facts about Human Body that were never known

Knowing about yourself is a quite amazing fact in itself. It’s a great fun knowing something related to our body. I,m ere with some amazing fact which you have never known about.

Knowing facts related to your sleep and dreams seems to quite interesting

Sleeping and dream facts:


  • We burn more calorie while sleeping than we do watching television.
  • The colder room you sleep have more chance of bad dreams.
  • Babies start dreaming before they are born.
  • The scientist said more our I.Q. more we dream.
  • When we go to sleep our body became fully paralyzed as the area movement controlled by brain is de-active
  • An average person has 1460 dreams i.e, 4 dreams every night.
  • The pregnant women usually dream about frog, worms and potted plants, especially during the trimester.
  • Most people fall asleep in seven minutes
  • From the age of 60,40% women and 60%, men start snoring.
  • sleeping less than seven hours decrease the life expectancy.
  • The humans release growth hormones while sleeping.
  • we have no smell sense when we are sleeping.
  • In a year(365) more than 90% people sleeps for 122 days.
Facts about Human Teeth

Human Teeth

  •  Our teeth start growing 6 months before we are born.
  • The Romans use urine to whiten their teeth.
  • 60% American adult lose the upper right middle false tooth due to tooth decay.
  • Brushing your teeth daily prevents heart disease.
  • Plague starts after 6 hours we brush our teeth
  • our teeth are hard like a rock.
  • Enamel is the hardest muscle in the human body behind teeth.
  • The only tooth cannot be repaired by its own like every body part.
Hair facts:


  • The estimated average quantity of hair on the human head is 100,000 to 150,000.
  • Women’s hair is about a half diameter of men’s hair.
  • straight hairs remain flat as they are round and grow out of round gland.
  • Curly hair come out of ovule gland.
  • In a lifetime humans, nose hair can grow about six feet.
  • according to research 80 head hairs falls every day.
  •  There is no scientific evidence that after waxing or shaving your hair will come out thicker than before.
  • The greatest measure from end to end of hair can be 70 to 90 cm.
  • IT takes about 13 days for the gray hair to grow.
  • The lifecycle is considered on an average 3 to 7 years.
  • Continuously washing of hairs doesn;t cause hair loose.
  • The speed of growing hairs in is less as compared to that of men’.
  • The eyelashes of human in their entire life are 30 meters.
  • The color of our hair is determined by a pigment present in the human body called melanin.
  • healthy hairs make a sound.
  • Red hairs are less denser as compare to that of black.
  • The fastest growing tissue in the human body is hair.

 Hope you will like these facts and if you like to share some amazing facts like these please use the comment box.