3D Printing

3D Printing: A New Catalyst for Learning

Printing in a new way:

Every progressive educational institution and a creative teacher endeavors to optimize collaboration between students and teachers, constantly on the search for better ways to enhance the learning process.Inevitable technological advancements have inched its way into every aspect of our lives, and education is not behind: From online virtual classrooms, online learning to 3D printing, students are now exposed to new innovative approaches to learning.Lately, 3D printing has created a lot of buzz in the educational space; the revolutionary technology is being touted as a new catalyst for learning. Undeniably, this technology has infiltrated its way into various schools, institutes and eventually into curriculums, as educational entities realize its importance and how it assists in the fulfillment of a productive educational experience.Here are a few reasons schools can benefit from 3D printing technology:

Spatial intelligence

Spatial intelligence

Spatial intelligence is the ability to draw precise conclusions by observing a three-dimensional environment. This involves analyzing and interpreting the size, shape, movement and relationships between surrounding objects. It is also used when figuring out maps and taking part in any kind of construction or engineering project. According to scientific research, 3D designing enhances a student’s spatial intelligence. It not only triggers one’s imagination but also helps in bringing imaginations to life.

Experiential learning

Experimental Learning

‘Learning by doing’ or experiential learning is a much-endorsed concept today and rightfully so. It encourages learning by doing as opposed to theoretical learning confined in a classroom. It follows the ideology that when learning becomes practical as opposed to theoretical, it enhances the learning capabilities of students, helping them gain a better understanding of core concepts. Similarly, 3D printing has the ability to create tangible activities through which students can learn important academic concepts such as buoyancy through a working motorboat and project motion through designing a 3D printed catapult.

Startups Promoting 3D Printing in Education Sector in India

1. 3Dexter

3Dexter was started by 7 school friends who had substantial experience in technology, education and the skill sectors. They had been really fascinated by the potential of 3D Printing technology. The problem figured was the lack of awareness of 3D Printing Technology among the masses. There were numerous countries around the world which were promoting 3D Printing in education. India, on the other side was missing on this technology. Visit 3Dexter