Complete Detail on Dual Degree Cources at BITS

As we all know that nearly 2 lakh students give BITSAT every year to enter one of the most prestigious universities of India-Bits Pilani.

Bits pilani with nearly 2000 seats (including all campuses) offers two types of degrees-B.E and Msc (Dual degree).

Many people are a little confused about dual degree offered by BITS.

In this post , I will I try my best to make it clear –

First, dual degree in bits is quite different to that offered by IITs and other colleges Students having Msc courses in the first year are offered B.E. Degrees at the end of first year on the basis of CGPA .

Students with dual degree generally end up with 2 degrees in 5 years of their college life.

Let me elaborate my point-
These are the list of the following courses offered by BITS PILANI –

The portion marked red are the courses with dual degrees

Note: M.Sc. (Tech.): Information Systems is not a dual degree course

1. Based on the choices filled students are allotted respective fields .

You can check last year’s cutoff scores from here

2. Now people with dual degrees have to work hard to get your required field, being a bits student , I can tell you the cutoff CGPA for respective branches

CGPA Branch
7.51 Computer Science
7.26 Electrical and Electronics
6.7 Mechanical
6.6 Electronics and instrumentation
6 Civil
5.2 B Pharma


You must be curious to know , how much effort do we need to put in to get this much cgpa ?

I would like to tell you that if you just attend classes (yeah attendance is  not compulsory at bits ) you can easily get a CGPA of 7.5 plus.

Many people also think that by taking a dual degree they are counted less in comparison than others then it’s just a rumor and please don’t take it seriously.

Infect 2 students from bits-Pilani campus with branches Msc. maths+B. E. Computer Science has been placed at 1.22 crores this year 2012.

Guys I would like to share how dualites are in a  better state than other people-

1. I have seen many people who take computer science , electronics and communication , mechanical just because these are more popular and have better placements but many don’t have even interest in their branch. Dualities on the other hand gain some experience and choose desired fields. This is because of the numerous workshops on various topics and course structure which allow people to decide effectively.

2. Most of the Msc courses act as an introductory course for higher studies-

Msc economics give us most of the marketing skills which act as an introductory course if you are planning to go into  IIM for MBA.

Msc maths help in many algorithms used in advanced programming (Guys you can trust me, i have experienced it)

3. You get to have one extra year so that you try implementing your ideas if interested in research.

Guys, I think that I made my point that taking a dual degree at bits is really a good choice.