10 things College going students do in their college

This is the list that most students do or they should in college.

1.) Get Ragged.

Okay, many won’t agree but ragging in limit teaches a lot.

2.) Addicted to series.

Complete a series in a day and also watch 4 movies in hall in a day

3.) Organize any fest or at least an event.

It teaches a lot about management, event handling, organization skills etc.

4.) Make a road trip.

5.) Ask someone out, even if you make fool of yourself.

6.) If you’re sober like me, have drunk friends so that you can enjoy this.

7.) Pull many all nighter doing anything from watching movies to just chatting.

8.) Make friends for life.

9.) Get screwed by anything for anything.

(Just once)

10.) Lastly, Study ? NO. Learn.